Carshalton, St Helier Hospital c.1961

Carshalton, St Helier Hospital c.1961

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Memories of Carshalton, St Helier Hospital c1961

Carshalton Hospital Tb Ward

I was on the ward for TB patients in 1952 waiting for a lobectomy. I am now 76 and have survived. I was wondering if any old patients look at this site. I was Pat Fisher then, and have so many memories of in spite of our illness we had such laughs most of the time. I was there for about 1 year and before that in Cumberland House in Mitcham for two years, and what fun we had there!! I wonder if Yvonne Hill, Joyce Chappel, Moya Krause, Pat Whitehead and scores of other girls ever get to read this. If you do, please write something back, I would love to hear from you. We used to meet the boys from the lower ward to snog on the stairs at night!! All innocent fun but totally against the rules!!!!

My Picture At Ferguson House

This is a picture of me at Ferguson House at the formal function we had once a year. Can't even remember the details. Anyone remember? I would love to find Chantal Duvivier from France and Dawm Abraham from South Africa. Anyone know either of them? What about a reunion? I want to be involved. Joyce Raymond

Thornton Road

I lived at Thornton Road from 1960 when I was born and left home in 1985.

A memory of Carshalton

A Big Lump In My Throat

Oh!!! It is absolutely wonderful to find this site. I trained as an RN at St. Helier's Hospital in from 1964-1968. I have lived  in the USA since 1974. I have always wanted to find someone who knew about St. Helier's. I talked with someone about it today and she suggestesd I try the internet, and there it is. I am so excited I can hardly concentrate. I want to know if anyone out there knows of a reunion or get-together for past students. I will be the first to book my flight. Oh!! I am now an accomplished tennis player thanks to a French student nurse who introduced me to the game at St. Heliers. I don't really know how this site works because my computer skills are really back in the last century. But ...Read full memory

Memories of Carshalton

Wrythe Lane

It's been years since I have seen this photo. I can remember a market there, also a cafe where in them days of the 1960's was where people would listen to music and drink coffee. Anyone remember?

A memory of Carshalton

My School

This brings back so many memories. I went to Stanley Park School, do you remember the country dance parties we use to have, and going to the loos with the daddy long legs on the wallsm and playing British Bulldog, and the school dinners? I spent so many hours playing in the park on the swings and roundabout. My grandad was the park caretaker for a while, Jim Simmons. Best years.

A memory of Carshalton by Linda Jansen

All Saints Church, The Ponds

I have wonderful memories of the Ponds, I would go stickleback fishing with my Dad armed with a jam jar and fishing net on the end of a bamboo stick. Bread for the ducks was always good too, half for me and half for them. I got married at the beautiful All Saints Church in 1983 and the picture (apart from ...Read full memory

A memory of Carshalton by Mandy Beller

Anne Bolyn's Well.

I lived at 3 Piers Cottages on Church Hill from the age of 3 years, they were demolished in the late 1950's at the same time as Orchard Hill Cottages nearby. I earnt some pocket money for assisting the demo' men to transport the roof tiles etc.. I recall the firm was Sid Bishop and sons and the workmen concerned were ...Read full memory

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