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St Helier Hospital c1965, Carshalton

St Helier Hospital c1965, Carshalton

St Helier Hospital c1965, Carshalton Ref: C38046

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Memories of St Helier Hospital c1965, Carshalton

A Big Lump In My Throat

St Helier Hospital c1965, Carshalton
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Oh!!! It is absolutely wonderful to find this site. I trained as an RN at St. Helier's Hospital in from 1964-1968. I have lived  in the USA since 1974. I have always wanted to find someone who knew about St. Helier's. I talked with someone about it today and she suggestesd I try the internet, and there it is. I am so excited I can hardly concentrate. I want to know if anyone out there knows of a reunion or get-together for past students. I will be the first to book my flight. Oh!! I am now an accomplished tennis player thanks to a French student nurse who introduced me to the game at St. Heliers. I don't really know how this site works because my computer skills are really back in the last century. But I hope someone can reply to this and keep me updated.
I love my life and all that goes with it and St. Helier was a GREAT part.
My maiden name was Raymond.
Thank... Read more

Thornton Road

St Helier Hospital c1965, Carshalton
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I lived at Thornton Road from 1960 when I was born and left home in 1985.

My Picture at Ferguson House

St Helier Hospital c1965, Carshalton
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This is a picture of me at Ferguson House at the formal function we had once a year. Can't even remember the details. Anyone remember? I would love to find Chantal Duvivier from France and Dawm Abraham from South Africa. Anyone know either of them? What about a reunion?
I want to be involved.
Joyce Raymond

Carshalton Hospital TB Ward

St Helier Hospital c1965, Carshalton
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I was on the ward for TB patients in 1952 waiting for a lobectomy. I am now 76 and have survived. I was wondering if any old patients look at this site. I was Pat Fisher then, and have so many memories of in spite of our illness we had such laughs most of the time. I was there for about 1 year and before that in Cumberland House in Mitcham for two years, and what fun we had there!! I wonder if Yvonne Hill, Joyce Chappel, Moya Krause, Pat Whitehead and scores of other girls ever get to read this. If you do, please write something back, I would love to hear from you. We used to meet the boys from the lower ward to snog on the stairs at night!! All innocent fun but totally against the rules!!!!

Carshalton & local memories

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Inside The Oaks

The Oaks c1955, Carshalton
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I too remember The Oaks House with fondness. Aged 12 yrs old I used to cycle there from Purley & found a hole in the boarding on a window, so crept inside. The staircase was stunning but damaged, there was a fire hose left trailed down it and I understood that there had been a fire there some time before, so I never dared climb far upstairs in case the stairs or floors above gave way. The room that really caught my imagination was what looked like a Ballroom. A very large long room with an immensely high ceiling and of course completely empty, the windows were boarded up. I remember the walls & ceiling were decorated & even though the pictures or mirrors had been removed it still held an air of dilapidated grandeur. The building on the whole fascinated me & for a whole summer I kept returning. Then life took a turn & I went off to Boarding school, never to be able to return. Especially as... Read more

The Oaks Park

The Oaks c1955, Carshalton
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About the time that this photograph was taken the house was boarded up as being dangerous so some friends and I broke in. The inside was in a really bad state of repair but the piece of architecture that stunned us was the staircase. It was a wide semi circular thing that ran around the wall in the entrance hall which was tiled. I believe that when the house was demolished it was found to have no foundations and was just erected on bare earth - or was this just a story that I heard?

Gerrard Greencrocers

Wrythe Lane c1950, Carshalton
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I work there as a Saturday delivery boy 1948 to 1950. Later I worked there full time till I went in the army in 1953. Oh happy days, lots of very fond memories..

Anne Bolyn's Well.

Anne Boleyn Gardens c1965, Carshalton
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I lived at 3 Piers Cottages on Church Hill from the age of 3 years, they were demolished in the late 1950's at the same time as Orchard Hill Cottages nearby. I earnt some pocket money for assisting the demo' men to transport the roof tiles etc.. I recall the firm was Sid Bishop and sons and the workmen concerned were called Henry and Tipp (an Irish chap from County Tippererary). The area in the photo is of Ann Bolyn's well, because it was said that whilst riding her Horse to Nonsuch Palace her horse pawed the ground and uncovered a spring. I saw the guy carving the wooden statue that is on the corner of Church Hill house sheltered Housing Complex. He carved it in his front garden.The demo' men used to bathe in a galverised tin bath resting on the edge of the site bonfire on Fridays, and put fresh clothes on. Their old kit was burnt on the fire.

The Dry Ponds

River Wandle in The Grove 1928, Carshalton
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As a lad I can remember walking with `our gang` across from the High Street side of the ponds, under North Street bridge & walking out under the chain on the West Street end on the other side of the war memorial. We went there through most of that summer looking for newts & frogs. We also walked down under the bridge that led to the mill pool via the waterfall. Anyone else remember doing this as I can remember there were other kids doing what we were doing?

Memorial Gardens

River Wandle in The Grove 1928, Carshalton
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If one stands with the pond & cenotaph behind you, there is now a memorial garden built I think in 1950/51 to remember those from Carshalton who gave their lives in WW2. As early teenagers we used the gardens as a meeting place in the evenings during the summer. The trees shown had by this time gone and there was/is just a tarmac road from North Street to the lodge. I left Carshalton in 1956 & now live in Brixham in Devon.


High Street c1965, Carshalton
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My stepfather grew up in Carshalton, and because he had to travel a great deal in his work, I lived on The Causeway in Carshalton with my step-grandmother. I attended Hackbridge Infants School, and Hackbridge School for Girls. I would be very grateful if someone could remember the name of the headmistress of the Hackbridge School for Girls in the year 1963. She was one of the sweetest ladies I've ever known. My teacher at that time was Mrs. Davies. I'd love to hear from anyone I knew back then.

All Saints Church, The Ponds

All Saints Church And Pond c1955, Carshalton
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I have wonderful memories of the Ponds, I would go stickleback fishing with my Dad armed with a jam jar and fishing net on the end of a bamboo stick. Bread for the ducks was always good too, half for me and half for them. I got married at the beautiful All Saints Church in 1983 and the picture (apart from the constant flow of traffic) doesn't really look any different, although the house in front of the church was demolished in the 40's I think and flats for the elderly were built. We had photos taken on the grass in front of the flats with the ponds and memorial behind us, and I remember the ladies waving and watching from their windows, weddings must have been the highlight of their Saturdays.

Wrythe Lane

Wrythe Lane c1950, Carshalton
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It's been years since I have seen this photo. I can remember a market there, also a cafe where in them days of the 1960's was where people would listen to music and drink coffee. Anyone remember?

Massive Change to This Area

Wrythe Lane c1950, Carshalton
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The pub on the left is gone. That's now a Co-Op and the row of shops next to it includes (in order) a cafe, a newsagents, a Chinese take-away shop, a Thai resturant, a bakers, a small clothing shop, 2 hairdressers and a funeral parlour. On the right, all those fancy lamposts have gone. And on the corner is a Barclays Bank, but just outside there is a stall for cheap stuff (clothes, sponges, cleaning products). And the roundabout on the left is massive now. Rosehill is much different to what you see in this pic!

Beeches Avenue

Beeches Avenue 1928, Carshalton
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My family and I have lived in Beeches Avenue for over 35 years, and this image just stops short of our home. I very much miss the trees now I have moved away, particularly in the Autumn months. ~ Many happy memories :)


River Wandle in The Grove 1928, Carshalton
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This brings back memories of my Grandmother Daphne telling me how her father's company was responsible for building the war memorial and gardens. Wadcrete, which was based over on the Purley Way (adjacent to the Croydon (London) Airport) was owned and run by the Henson family. They helped re-build swathes of South West London and were also commissioned to build the Webb Estate.

My School

Stanley Park And Schools c1965, Carshalton
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This brings back so many memories. I went to Stanley Park School, do you remember the country dance parties we use to have, and going to the loos with the daddy long legs on the wallsm and playing British Bulldog, and the school dinners? I spent so many hours playing in the park on the swings and roundabout. My grandad was the park caretaker for a while, Jim Simmons. Best years.

Flying Bombs in 1944

I went to live with my grandparents in November 1943 and lived with them until March 1945. I lived at "Briar End" Mount Park in Carshalton. I was 6 years of age and remember clearly when the first flying bomb dropped a half mile away from us. It was around 11 am when my Grandmother called me to the kitchen window and we watched this strange aircraft suddenly stop and fall to the ground. Oh the poor pilot, my Grandma screamed. It was on the news later that we heard that a new kind of flying bomb had been launched on London. A couple of weeks later, I was walking one morning to school at the corner of Boundary Road and Stafford Road, when the air raid siren sounded. I had been told to lie flat on the ground if I was ever out on my own. Although only yards from my school, and only seconds to decide what to do, I decided to run back home. My Grandmother was... Read more

Welbeck School

When I was a child I went to a Sunday School here in this school. Wonder if anyone can remember the Sunday School or even went there?

Carshalton Park

My family moved to Park Avenue, near Carshalton Park in about 1955. I was about six or so at the time. I used to roller skate in the park and climb the big chestnut trees when the park keeper was not looking. There were old bomb shelters in the park we used to go in, and every summer there was a big funfair, parade and garden party there. I also enjoyed the Guy Fawkes celebrations with a huge bonfire and fireworks. There was a Methodist church on the other side of the park where I went to Brownies and Girl Guides and also took ballet lessons for a while. My sister belonged to a group that put on plays and musicals there. Someone mentioned Cliff Richard, I was in the same class as his cousin and she got his autograph for me. I was very excited! I went to Stanley Park Junior School and later to Wallington County. I am currently living in Uruguay and just last week met someone here who... Read more

My Grandfather

My Grandfather returned from South Africa in the 1950s with his family including my father and I was told he had a Hotel and Garage / Factory in Carshalton which had something to do with Airplane parts. His name was Reginald Norris and his wife was called Sue. I was wondering if anyone had any information around them?? I am hoping to find some family history and any help would be much appreciated. Julie

Looking For Someone From Carshalton

Hi, my mother-in-law, Barbara Linford was a student at Carshalton (or Sutton General - are they the same?) from 1961-1964 I think. Does anyone remember her? She was very close to a young Dr Bhatia as well and we'd be keen to see if anyone remembers him and knows anything of him now??

Welbeck C.S Boys School

My dad attended this school in the 60's/70's does anyone else remember this school or go to it? I would love to find out more about this school as I am building my Family Tree and woud love to hear from anyone who may remember Graham Hurle or have any stories/photos of life at this school or about my dad. Does anyone know what the school is called now as I can not find it on the internet?
I look forward to hearing from you.

School Days

I went to Carshalton High School for Girls from 1970-76. I wish knew then what I know now. I was a bit naughty at school, I wasn't the teachers' pet. I remember walking from Wallington to school through the duck ponds over the bridge at the old water mill, it used to frighten me to death in the winter dark nights and that. I also remember they used to have a fun fair in the park between the girls' and boys' schools, we had some great nights there. I remember going to another park too (I can't remember the name), it had a big dip in the middle and they sometimes held open air concerts there.
One of my best friends used to go to St Phillys so we used to congregate quite a bit at dinner time in park (duck pond). I also remember we used to go to a youth club (and disco?) somewhere on the High Street and we spend a bit of time in the pub... Read more

The Grove Bakery

Family history tells me that my grandfather, G J Morris, was the proprietor of this bakery before he died in 1940.  My uncle, H J Morris, ran the tobacconist, newsagent, sweet shop on the corner in Wallington.  I was born in Foxley Lane before a Buzz bomb fell on our garden on 29th June 1944.  If anyone has any old photos or information on these memories I would love to hear from them.

School Memories

I attended St Philomena's School from 1951 - 1960. I have been living in Australia since 1963 and am visiting England in September 2008 when I will be attending the OGA Reunion at St Philomena's on 13th September.



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