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Family Roots

My grandfather James Wilson (1868-1950) was headmaster at Carsphairn. His wife was Jessie Allan Renfrew. My father James Callan Wilson qualified as a Chartered Accountant before spending 14 years as a missionary in Belgian Congo. He then entered the civil service and became under secretary of the Home and Health department. His brothers and sisters were George (a water colorist who pained many pictures from the area), Barbara, Jessie and Robbie. I have great memories of holidays at Carsphairn when I was a boy based in a cottage at Knowehead and walking the 3 or so miles in to Carsphairn for church on Sunday.

Kirkcudbrightshire memories

From Australia to New Galloway

Kenmure Castle 1951, New Galloway
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I grew up with the story of my great-grandfather Thomas Handley coming back from India and living at Kenmuir Castle with his wife Agnes Gordon Handley (nee Bain). In 2005 my sister and I came to Scotland with our elderly mother to take her to see the ruins of Kenmuir Castle as it had also been a part of her life history. We took many photos of the castle to bring back to Australia and are continuing to try and trace the link Agnes Gordon Bain had with the castle. The Gordon in her name is the surname of her godfather.

Childhood Memories

This was the year I first attended Balmaclellan School, the Headmaster was first Mr Walker, who went on to New Abbey, he was followed by Fred Simpson - a great experence from 1944 to 1950. I lived with grandfather William McQueen Biggar at his shop and post office - a wonderful time in the village, curling in the winter, bowls and badminton in the village hall and Sunday School and Church on Sundays.

(Lady) Sara Grierson, of Craigdarroch

Craigdarroch House c1960, Moniaive
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(Sir) William Grierson, 9th Lord of Lag, & his wife, Nicola Maxwell had issue known, 10, viz.:

(1) Helena Grierson, born before 1597,
(2) (Sir) Robert Grierson of Lag, born before 1598 at Lag, Dumfries-shire, Scotland; died c1654; he married Margaret Murray, daughter of (Sir) James Murray of Cockpool, in May, 1622,
(3) Sara Grierson, born before 1598,
(4) Agnes Grierson, born before 1599, d. 3rd February, 1664,
(5) Alexander Grierson, born before 1599, died 1655,
(6) William Grierson, born before 1600,
(7) John Grierson, born before 1601, died before 1638,
(8) (Sir) James Grierson, born c1604, died 1666,
(9) Isabel Grierson, born c1604,
(10) Lancelot Grierson, born after 1604, died before 10th June, 1656.

(Lady) Craigdarroch, married William Fergusson, son of Robert Fergusson and Jean Cunningham. A contract for the marriage of William Fergusson and Sara Grierson was signed on 9th May 1621. William Fergusson lived at Craigdarroch, Scotland. Sara Grierson was born in 1598, styled Lady Craigdarroch.

Growing up in Moniaive 1954-1969.

I was born and brought up in Moniaive, and my mother owned the local hairdresser's salon (JACIE'S) at 3 Ayr Street. I lived with my mother (Janet), sister (Jenny) and maternal grandparents (who also had a house in Dunreggan, 4th down on the right from the bridge) (Dickie and May until 1964ish).
I started school at Moniaive Primary, and then went to Wallace Hall Academy at Closeburn on the school bus.
Moniaive was a fantastic place to grow up in the 60s, we had our resident 'Bobby', whose Police Station was directly across the street from my house. It was first manned by PC Clinton, and then by PC Dick Bodle, his wife Jean and son Ed (who went on to join the RAF). These were the days that, if you were in trouble, the village bobby would first give you a good clip around the ear, and then drag you home to get some more! And far more effective than today's standards.
The 50s and 60s were the... Read more


I remember about Kirkconnel/Kelloholm, everyone takes care of all children, my children used to go to Kelloholm Primary, they used to get bullied at first for being English, they changed their accent to not get bullied, no one knew they were English then, not that it should matter.

Shows at Kirkconnel

I travelled every year with Broughtons shows, and worked on the dodgems. We got cans of water from the houses near, I would think they have been knocked down by now. I used to go to the Italian cafe and walk along the river. We were made welcome. My name was Paddy, I was 20 then. Great days.

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