Castle Bromwich, The Village c.1965

Castle Bromwich, The Village c.1965

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Caption for Castle Bromwich, The Village C1965

Castle Bromwich, just five miles north-east of the city, was incorporated into Birmingham in 1931. In those days it was still very much a village.To the north of the church were the remains of a motte, the village was served by the early Georgian church of St Mary and St Margaret, and nearby was Castle Bromwich Hall.

Memories of Castle Bromwich, the Village c1965

Village Shop

I lived in the bungalow at the end of the spinny on West Avenue in the late 1960s and went to Highcroft School from age 4 to 5, which was an old Victorian building which always smelt of tomato soup and stood on the corner of Kyter Lane. The shop you mention was called The Castle and my friends and I used to buy our sweets and regretably, our cigarettes from there,10 between 4 of us I recall. Right by it was a farm with an old barn with a circular window (and, now I'm reminded, the smell of pigs). Further into Castle Bromwich, on the opposite side was a butchers by a then derelict school with a bell tower (supposedly haunted) and Victory Hall where my cousin and I took judo lessons. There was open farm land ...Read full memory

Mt Great Grandmother's Memories Of Castle Bromwich

I have copied and pasted a few sections of my great-grandmother's memories of Castle Bromwich to share. "As I was not robust as a little child, my parents took part of a small house at Castle Bromwich, a country village, as town life did not always suit my health. This house belonged to the village schoolmaster. His name was Mr. Barnes and he had the village school which was attached to his cottage. We all stayed from time to time with Mr. and Mrs. Barnes and loved them very much. In fact we called Mrs. Barnes, “Mamma Barnes”. Mr. and Mrs Barnes loved us all and we were very happy with them in the country. The house and garden were very pretty. Grapes grew over the ...Read full memory

Earlier Memory Of The Village School.

As a student teacher, I waited with others for the college bus to collect us from the village school. The headteacher in earlier days was Mr. Blewitt. As it happens, I was a colleague of his son, Harry Blewitt, at Coleshill High School. Harry remembered his father saying that some of the children from the Ward End area of Birmingham who attended his school were in bare feet.

A memory of Castle Bromwich

Village School

I remember moving to the village school in about 1962/3. I had been at Highcroft private school further up towards the church for a couple of years but my parents decided to move me to the village school. The school was very old. My grandfather went there too as he was born in the village and I lived here from when I was born until I was 22. My farther still lives in the same house in Castle Bromwich to this day. I can still remember Mrs Huggins (a lovely lady teacher) and Mrs Davy and Miss Dobinson. The toilets were outside, adjacent to the playground. As Helen said, the morning assembly and PE were carried out in the Victory Hall. We used to walk from the school to the Victory Hall in the morning through a ...Read full memory

My House

Although I so far know little about it, the white house with the black beams was formerly the local shop. In the early 90's it was derelict and subsequently refurbished as a residential property. I purchased the property in February 2007, and live there now. If anyone knows anything of its history, please leave information here! It used to be a coaching inn, and its age is approximately 300 years old.

Village School

To the left of where the photographer was standing was the junior's playground of the old village school (St Mary and St Margaret's.) In 1963-4 we would have vacated the old buildings and moved into a new building in Southfield Avenue on the Hall Estate. The old school was basically a large room divided into classrooms by immense sliding concertina doors. The windows were very high and so were the ceilings. Because the old school was very cramped just prior to moving to the new one, our class with our teacher Mrs Huggins, had our lessons in two rooms of the old house. I remember immense coal fires in the winter while the rest of the school had hot pipes running around the rooms. Morning assemblies and P.E. lessons ...Read full memory

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