Caterham, Guards Depot c.1955

Caterham, Guards Depot c.1955

Neg. C49058

Memories of Caterham


I attended Caterham School in the 90's, and very little had seemed to have changed since Victorian times. I'd be interested to know what the tower thing in the centre of the building is/was, it's purpose and why it was removed.

A memory of Caterham

Grandad's Caff

The white-fronted terraced shop on the left was owned by my mum's parents from 1940-44, from where they ran their cafe. My bedroom was the little attic room on the front. Most of the customers were from the Canadian Army ...Read full memory

Clifford Wheatley

remembering walking through the main gates and your feet dont touch the floor

A memory of Caterham by cwheat509

Cedar Grange, Caterham Valley

I am fairly sure that this is where my grandmother - Julia Millie Crocker, grandfather William Crocker - and father Horace George Crocker b 1915 lived from about 1916 to at least 1920. Recently bought my ...Read full memory

A memory of Caterham by Julia Crocker

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