Caterham, Timber Hill 1903

Caterham, Timber Hill 1903

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Memories of Caterham, Timber Hill 1903

Caterham, Crescent Road

We moved into No 33 Crescent Road in 1948 - it overlooked Timber Hill recreation ground which in those days had a large emergency water tank where we caught newts. I am trying to place the house in the 1903 picture. From the look of the slope it was in Crescent Road and fairly high on the hill. Our house was near Jacobs ladder, with 'The Longships' in between. In 1948 milk was delivered by horse and cart fom the dairy which was just behind the primary school on the other side of Timber Hill. There were still gas lights,which were fairly dim so the view of the stars from the middle of the 'rec' was stunning. St Georges day parade used to assemble on the 'rec'. The village had a full complement of traditional ...Read full memory

My Childhood Home

I was brought up in this house! We moved here in 1965 when I was three and moved from here in 1979. It has wonderful memories for me, of long summer days playing on Timber Hill, or 'The Green' as we called it, and sledging there in winter. The house itself was a child's delight (lots of places to hide!). It was an atmospheric place to live in and evocative of the past. I think living here gave me my passion for trying to understand the past, which ultimately led to my choice of career as a History teacher.

A memory of Caterham by Chris Farge

Memories of Caterham

Marden Park

Marden Park was the furthest extent of our cross-country run from Caterham School (Wapses Lodge) in 1951. We would leave the school, cross the Caterham by-pass, run on a bridle path between fields (which I believe, in 1944, were used as a huge parking area for military materiel in the build-up to D-Day), down on to the Woldingham ...Read full memory

A memory of Caterham by druidh

Watts's Memories

If I remember rightly, in this year it was a Catholic school for girls. It was the last place I saw a red squirrel, I used to go under the viaduct to get there. There was a house at the entrance to the drive and there was a gamekeeper that lived there, his name was Mr Starmer (a not very nice old man, as I remember). Just across the road was the school playing field.

A memory of Caterham by Robin Watts

Caterham Valley, Timber Hill, Bromley Hall Corn Merchants.

I will be 72 years old this year of 2015. I remember working with my uncle Syd and Auntie Chris Ryder at Bromley Hall Corn Merchants at the Godstone Road end of Timber Hill on the site which later became Fine Fares supermarket. I was about 8 or 9 years old when I first used to go round ...Read full memory

A memory of Caterham by Roger Ryder

Railway Booking Clerk

My grandfather with his family moved to Caterham and appeared on the 1891 census as living in Beechwood Road. The census also detailed that my grandfather at the age of 13 was a railway booking clerk. Does anyone know if I could track down whether my grandfather was a booking clerk at Caterham railway station? Saw the photo of the railway station on this site dated 1903.

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