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Chapel St Leonards memories

Here are memories of Chapel St Leonards and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of Chapel St Leonards or a Chapel St Leonards photo.

Childhood Memories

The Esplanade c1955, Chapel St Leonards
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I have spent many happy holidays in Chapel. My Dad had two weeks holiday from the Prudential and he and Mum and I would head off on hols. I specifically remember fossil hunting on Chapel Point beach, there I also learned to swim. I remember too the esplanade, there was a walk through with an amusement arcade and the best fish and chip shop in the world, I can smell it now. Remeber when the first submarine went under the icecap, well I still have my tin toy submarine. As a child the sights and smells and colours and atmosphere of the place have all remained with me. We used to stay at Mrs Tingles guest house and petrol was in short supply - I had to walk from there to the beach, a very long way as a 5 year old. My Father also spent his holidays as child with my grandparents, and they camped. I have the milk can that Dad used to fetch the milk in... Read more


The Esplanade c1955, Chapel St Leonards
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The blind man was my uncle Bernard Lamiman. He was supported by St Dunstan. He was a lovely gentle man, I used to sit on the sea wall with him chatting, and he always showed me his braille pocket watch.

Original Club Fire

The Bar, Benvenute Social Club c1960, Chapel St Leonards
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Can anyone remember what year the original Benvenute burnt down? Thanks. Dave W.

Happy Memories of Chapel St LLeonards

The Esplanade c1955, Chapel St Leonards
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I have fond memories of our family holidays in Chapel St Leonards in the 1950s, it was also where some of my relatives lived and worked. I remember the giant fish that was washed up on the beach and I have a few old black and white photos of my family, including my grandma, sitting on the steps at Chapel Point, my grandma all dressed up with her coat and hat and my dad in his suit, shirt undone though! It was 'the attire for seaside holidays' in those days. My great-aunt had a boarding house on Anderby Lane, unfortunately the floods came over the bank and flooded the houses and she left and moved to Hogsthorpe. I remember climbing the sandy banks in front of the row of houses, to go down onto the dunes and down to the sea.
Later when I married we took our own kids to Chapel Point, lovely memories and a family tradition.

Chapel in The 1950s And 1960s.

The Esplanade c1955, Chapel St Leonards
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When I was a child in the 1950s and 1960s we went to chapel every year and stayed in a bungalow named FAIRVIEW which is on the corner of
Sunningdale Drive and South Road. Across the road lived an AA man with his motor bike and sidecar, further round South Road lived a blind man who used to make wicker baskets etc. Another memory is the coffee bar opposite Millers Amusements, and going in for a Horlicks or milkshake and playing the juke box, they were very happy times for my brother and I. Now I have started, more and more memories are coming back so I will be writing again.

Miss  Canning,   

The Esplanade c1955, Chapel St Leonards
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Miss Canning did not have the haberdashery store, that was Mrs Graham and her shop was next door to Stows Stores.  In the back was a little tea room and a girl called Lilly Bodice worked with her.  The shop and cottage she lived in was left to Lilly when Mrs Graham passed away.  Miss Canning sold the papers, sweets, cigarettes and the stall outside had fruit and veg.  One year she sold fireworks, only the one year as the village lads pinched most of them.  I have to admit I was one of those lads and she was my Aunt.  Happy days.  Stinsons Moter Services was the local bus way before the Lincolnshire Road Car came to the village. Their buses were red and the Road Car were green.

Lost Contact .....

Hi, This is a long shot I know; but does anyone know of a John Miles - will be aged between 36-40 now. About 20 years ago he used to live at Sea Bank Cottage, Sea Bank Lane but moved, and we lost contact. All I know is the above, and that he used to work in an arcade in Ingoldmells called 'Tickled Pink' then worked for Furness Plumbing & Heating in Skegness on a YT scheme. If anyone can help, my mobile number is 07702808555

I am Seeking Old Images of Chapel St. Leonards in The Early 1950's

My grandfather had a holiday home that was washed away in the 1953 floods, it was a very unsual property from what I have been told, but have never seen an image of it. It was 2 old railway carriages that sat overlooking the sea about a half mile north of Chapel Point. It would have been very visible and I would imagine fairly interesting for anyone walking down the beach. This is a long shot but I would love to see an image of the property, my family have none, all their photos were lost in the flood. If not of the property itself, any old photos of Chapel and the Point and flood images would be great to see. My email is : Thank you.

Chip Shop Memories

Yes do remember the Chip Shop in Chapel St Leonards that was run by Ben, as a young girl we used to often go there so no doubt were served by Margaret, are you any relation to Eileen, and were you or your parents in the Lincolnshire Floods?

Did Anyone Know my Grandparents?  

John and May Mcgahan worked in a Chapel-St-Leonards' chipshop for Ben? My mother was called Margaret Mcgahan. Does anyone remember them? Did you work with them? I would like to find out more.

I have moved away now but my brother runs a cafe at Cafe St Leonards.

Memories of Lincolnshire

My Childhood in Hogsthorpe

I was born in 1951 and in April 1953 our family moved to Hogsthorpe. My parents were worried as that was the year of the floods and they had put furniture in our new home. Although the police would not let them through to check on things, fortunately, Hogsthorpe was not flooded. So we moved in and in September of 1956 I started at the primary school. This building, however, was destroyed by fire. It was then a very small village-everyone knew everyone and the school had 60 pupils(it could have been less) in it.
My address then was Ashleigh, West End and my late father ran a poultry farm. I did notice Betty Kirkham's name on the Hogsthorpe village website and if you speak to her, I am sure that she will remember us. I used to go to her to have my hair permed.
I was at school with some of the Jinks family and Sylvia was the same age... Read more


I remember going to Hogsthorpe to see some family member. They had the butchers shop. My grandad was Euclid Stephenson. Born1875. Lived on the High Street, he worked as a postman,and was a member of the post office choir, who went to "the Holyland" singing.There is a carving on a house with the Stephenson name on it. Euclid married Lucy Cutts. They moved to Nottingham but returned in 1934. I would love to know if anyone knows of them. Ann Stephenson   

Hogsthorpe Farms.

I have fond memories of Hogsthorpe in 1959. I worked on a farm just outside the village, I think the area was called Slackholme End. The farm belonged to Silas Willey and next door was a bigger farm belonging to Taylors. In busy times both farms would work together, haymaking, threshing, potato picking etc. I think Taylors had some land across the road called Greens as well. I did most of the milking, the milk collected in churns by Eastons from Alford. I did early starts from Bilsby where I lived and I used to push bike it until I got a motorbike. I also did most of the tractor driving, a grey diesel Fergie whose reg number I forget. I can't remember any names from the village except North, but I do recall using the "Top House" rather than the "Bottom House" for a drink after work (I was only 16, nobody bothered). What was the name of the "Top House"? I would like to know. And also what... Read more

Where Was Sivells Mill?

I have a memory of Hogsthorpe on already as I attended the village school. I now have in my possession a postcard showing Sivells Mill and I cannot find out where Sivells Mill was in Hogsthorpe. Can anyone tell me where in Hogsthorpe Sivells Mill was? Also I went to school with Sylvia Hartley (nee Jinks) who I have met up with once but have been unable to contact her again. Does anyone know if she is still in the village and if she is all right? She has an ongoing health problem and had two bereavements in one year. I live in Lincoln and would love to catch up with her again. Thank you so much.

Euclid Stephenson

Hi Ann
I have a couple of photo albums of the Stephensons left to me when dad died
If you are my cousin Ann of West Bridgford, Granddad was Harold Euclid.
I am in the process of scanning the photos on to my PC with the intention of putting some on facebook perhaps.
Please contact

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