Cheddar, Cliff Hotel 1908

Cheddar, Cliff Hotel 1908

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Memories of Cheddar

The 1960s

I lived my early years here, until the 1970's, having been born in Wells and brought home to Cheddar as a baby. I have many family ancestral links to Cheddar via my father's parents. In the late 1800's-early 1900's my ...Read full memory

Family Pearces

Hi My great-grandfather and my grandad lived nr here on Manor Farm and the Old Priory, in 1700 to 1901.

A memory of Cheddar by Paul Kirby

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Glen Middle Mill 1908 If Sally Spencer, the lady looking at the photographer, came back today, she would see that almost all in this view (except the rear block of Pavey's Temperance Hotel) has been demolished since 1908, partly for road widening to cope with Cheddar's enormous volume of tourists. A remnant of the outbuilding on the left is incorporated in Fortes Ice Cream Parlour. Pavey's rear block is now Old Rowlands, selling pottery.