Chelmsford, New London Road 1892

Chelmsford, New London Road 1892

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Memories of Chelmsford, New London Road 1892

Chelmsford, New London Road 1892.

This is a view taken from the bottom of London Road, near to the High Street. It has now changed beyond all recognition. However there is one building which has not changed in appeareance one bit, and still exists to this day. If you follow the buildings on the right side of the road, literally the last one you can make out has its apex roof towards the road. Well, this is the Chelmsford Institute building which was erected in 1841. Google this and you can still see it just the over side of the London Road bridge. Someone I recall mentioned going to the Orpheus Coffe Bar. Well, this was the very next building up the road, and it has been many shops over the years. At present I believe it is a men's ...Read full memory

A memory of Chelmsford by John Crouch

Memories of Chelmsford

Congregational Services During The 1950s

During the 1950s Reverend Gould would cycle down London Road to hold services here. Miss Flower and Janice Olley were two of the Sunday school teachers at the little school further up London Road past Friars WalK where a coke stove would warm the stone building.

The Old Hawkes Sweet Factory In New Street, Chelmsford

Hi my name is Doug, when I left school at the age of 15 in 1955 I worked at the Hawkes sweet factory as a sugar boiler, amongst other things, and it was there that I met my first girl friend. Although she married someone else, as I did. I have kept in touch with her all my life, she, ...Read full memory

A memory of Chelmsford by Doug Watts

Chelmsford, Car, Duke Street, 1925.

The car would have been parked outside where the Duke Street Post Office once stood. The man behind it about to step on the pavement has just crossed Broomfield Road into Duke Street. Behind him can be seen the awnings of the fruit and vegetable shop which once stood there. Even clearer in this picture is ...Read full memory

A memory of Chelmsford by John Crouch

Researching John Austin Born 1916 In Chelmsford

Does anyone have any details about a John Austin, born in Chelmsford early in 1916 to a mother with the surname Gigney? My wife is trying to research her family history and as a Gigney believes this lady may have been a relation, making Mr Austin possibly a relative.               John Wells.

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