Chelmsford, New London Road 1892

Chelmsford, New London Road 1892

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Memories of Chelmsford

Congregational Services During The 1950s

During the 1950s Reverend Gould would cycle down London Road to hold services here. Miss Flower and Janice Olley were two of the Sunday school teachers at the little school further up London Road past Friars WalK where a coke stove would warm the stone building.

Chelmsford, The Wesleyan Church 1898

This building I remember all too well. I had started working for a firm of demolition contractors, and they had the contract to pull it down. I was not very experienced but you soon picked things up as ...Read full memory

A memory of Chelmsford by John Crouch

Chelmsford, Car, Duke Street, 1925.

The car would have been parked outside where the Duke Street Post Office once stood. The man behind it about to step on the pavement has just crossed Broomfield Road into Duke Street. Behind him can be seen ...Read full memory

A memory of Chelmsford by John Crouch

Researching John Austin Born 1916 In Chelmsford

Does anyone have any details about a John Austin, born in Chelmsford early in 1916 to a mother with the surname Gigney? My wife is trying to research her family history and as a Gigney believes ...Read full memory

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