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St Mary's Church

St Mary's Parish Church c1965, Cheshunt
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Re: St Mary's wednesday morning church service at Dewhurst Secondary as it was known in those days, I remember Stan Mathews falling asleep on his knees as in prayer. My mother now lives in the alms house next to the church, so every time i go back to visit it breaks my heart to see how much it's changing. I say for the worse, I mean you have only got to look at Broomer Cottage. It had a wonderfull garden, now it's houses, very sad, although Churchgate is supposed to be a historic area I have fond memories of Whithern Park with all the grass and pathways kept to great degree of tidyness. I remember being chased off the grass by the Parky as we called him, I think his name was Brian, then when I went to the park last September 2010, what avdifference, the grass trodden on the paths, not what they used to be, even the bowling green looks a bit 3rd rate.

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A memory of Cheshunt in Hertfordshire shared on Saturday, 1st January 2011.

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