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Grundy Park c1955, Cheshunt

Grundy Park c1955, Cheshunt

Grundy Park c1955, Cheshunt Ref: C319001

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Memories of Grundy Park c1955, Cheshunt

The Old Pond

Grundy Park c1955, Cheshunt
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On a visit back to the area after a long time away living in Australia. I was dismayed that what was the old triangle with the Old Pond pub in the middle and then changed to a roundabout with a fountain, the area was still known as the old pond because another pub opposite Ripleys was named The Old Pond. I now see that this has been changed to R J s or something and is up for lease. So now there seems to be nothing to indicate that the area is the old pond, other that a tiny sign at the top of Windmill lane that reads "20 Old Pond" how does anyone know that the area within 150 metres of the fountain is the Old Pond.

Cheshunt St. Mary''s Mission

Grundy Park c1955, Cheshunt
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I was born in Barnet but brought up for my first 20 years in Cheshunt. Does anyone remember the St. Mary's Mission which was halfway down Windmill Lane where Roundmoor Drive is now. Long since demolished I would imagine. I was sent there on Sunday afternoons when I was around three years old in about 1948/9. The services were run by Mr. Gowler who preached fire and brimstone to the quavering kids. Miss Lindsell ran the infant section. There was no WC, just a bit of spare land at the back. Certainly not acceptable in this anti-bacterial age, but we survived. I went to Gews Corner School when Mr. Rann was one of the teachers (how scary was he?!) and dear Mr. Oldacre, who knew every child's name, was Headmaster. Then onto the Secondary school for five years. That was in the days of Mr. Smith as head and Basher Bates who prowled the corridors, a cane concealed in his sleeve.... Read more

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Old Pond

My hubby and I remember the shop that was on the corner near the old pond where you could get 1 penny packets of broken crisps and weren't they delicious? They used to sell out very quickly. Sometimes, when I was off school poorly and if my sister was feeling generous, she would get me a packet on the way home from the Grammar school. And of course I remember the cinema (flea pit) and the woman who used to play the organ before a film to try and keep us kids quiet.

Jamieson Family

The Roundabout c1965, Cheshunt
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Hello I am looking for the Jamieson family I know they live in Cheshunt  Also Mrs Ellen Wolf née Jamieson if you know these people please would you tell them I am looking for them I am Beryl Clark née Jamieson  thank you.  
Ps Fred Jamiesons daughter. Please email me at or telephone 07716756617

Lux in The Pond

The Roundabout c1965, Cheshunt
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After all of these years I have discovered who put the soap powder in the pond!

The Fountain

The Roundabout c1965, Cheshunt
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I remember the night before the official opening of the fountain and roundabout, my brother John and a few of his 'mates' emptied a packet of 'dreft' detergent into the fountain which caused a bit of a laugh when the water was turned on, a bit risky for those days considering the police station was just across the road.

St Mary's Church

St Mary's Parish Church c1965, Cheshunt
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Re: St Mary's wednesday morning church service at Dewhurst Secondary as it was known in those days, I remember Stan Mathews falling asleep on his knees as in prayer. My mother now lives in the alms house next to the church, so every time i go back to visit it breaks my heart to see how much it's changing. I say for the worse, I mean you have only got to look at Broomer Cottage. It had a wonderfull garden, now it's houses, very sad, although Churchgate is supposed to be a historic area I have fond memories of Whithern Park with all the grass and pathways kept to great degree of tidyness. I remember being chased off the grass by the Parky as we called him, I think his name was Brian, then when I went to the park last September 2010, what avdifference, the grass trodden on the paths, not what they used to be, even the bowling green looks a bit 3rd rate.

Morning Service at St Mary's in The 1960s

St Mary's Parish Church c1965, Cheshunt
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Like many young folks of the 1960s who grew up in Cheshunt churchgate area, when the time came to marry you almost always chose St Mary's as the place to have your wedding. It is a lovely old church. I also have happy memories of going to church on Wednesday mornings as I was a student, or pupil as we were called back in those days, at St Mary's School which was (and still is for a little longer before it is pulled down to make way for a bigger school further on up the road) - part of the school life for those of us at St Mary's, and it made a welcome break from practical maths and English lessons. If I cast my mind back to school days of the 1960s I can still taste that high church incense that would be used during the morning sevice and also hear dear old  Mr Stan Mansfield snoring at the back of the church. Such happy days.

Comrades Club in Bridge Street

Hello ! Does any one in cheshunt remember the comrade club in Bridge Street Waltham cross. The secretary of the club was Bill Jamieson I know the club is still there and Bjill Jamiesons portrate and banjo still hang over the bar , Bill and his wife Mabs use to live opposite the club. If anyone remembers the club or Bill And Mabs or any of the Jamieson family and. Also Ellen and Rob Wolf I would be pleases to hear from you pleases email me on I Am Beryl Clark NÉE a Jamieson or phone 07716 756617 thank you


Yes Valerie - I too have a similar memory of the day I walked home from Cheshunt Secondary School on my last ever day. The sun was always high over Grundy Park during the summer months, and shone down directly onto your neck and head as you walked up Windmill Lane to the Old Pond. That memory of the sun burning your skin as you turned out the gate, looking back for the last time, really made me think back - perhaps fondly, now - to the days spent at that wonderful old school, now tragically, long since demolished. What a travesty that decision was. The council have now indicated that, "..[it] was, perhaps, short sighted, in hindsight.." So true. It was a real gem, and I miss the school very much, as well as lament the removal of an architectural icon. I remember Mr Gimber, the metalwork teacher, smoking like a chimney in his little office, with yellow fingers and a full ashtray every time I went and spoke to him. Excellent teacher... Read more

Old Pond

My parents had a wallpaper and paint shop on the corner of High Street and Delamare Road. The business name was J & J Swannell. We later sold the shop lease to Henry Tilly.

Dewhurst St Mary School 1959

I was born in Enfield in 1946, we lived in the half way houses on the A10 at Cheshunt, it was on Maxwells Farm. The council rehoused on the New Bury Green estate. I went to St Mary's Primary School then to Dewhurst Boys School and then to the new Dewhurst St Mary School in Lordship Lane. I remember Mr Grey, Mr Abbott and a horrible teacher called Watkis I think. I remember going swimming with the school to Windmill Lane, if the water was clean it meant it was cold, so we hoped it was dirty. Had a bit of a reunion last year (2013) with Tony Paterson and Gary Houseslip. I rember lots and have forgotten lots... especially names.

Imperial Hall

My husband Ray Nimmo, and myself (Irene nee Ford) met at the Imperial Hall Waltham Cross, it was his first time there and I think the last as we met and fell in love... that was 60 years ago. We have been married for 58 happy years. Would love to have any old photos, also looking for photos of VE Day celebrations in Cheshunt and Waltham New Town, as it was known then.

Wolsey Hall

Does anyone remember going down the Wolsey Hall on a Sunday or Wednesday evening to see the groups? I lived in Waltham Abbey and I remember my friends and myself all going there. I had to do some of my mum's housework after school as she worked to get the money to go. I remember seeing the Who, Four Tops, the Kinks and many more groups. It was the only place we were allowed to go as we were only 13-14 years old.

Imperial Hall

Does anyone remember going to the Imperial Hall in Waltham Cross to see the pop groups in 1965-66 ie Amen Corner, Love Affair, Unit 4+2 and other groups?

Was The Sweet Shop Foyles, Near Holy Trinity?

I still remember the thrill of walking down the drive from Cheshunt Sec' School on the last day, with the image of it burning on the back of my neck. Refusing to look back I was saying to myself, "I will never have to walk this path again as long as I live". I remember Farriday with yellow fingers, chain smoking. Does anyone have a good memory to share?

Re: Lotus Factory Late 50's

I used to work at Tesco's, Delawere Road in the late 50's and remember that one of the workers at Lotus had, over the period of a year taken all the parts for one of their engines and built it up in his bedroom. I also remember the soap powder in the fountain. I was in the Nissen Huts waiting for the new school to be opened and the pub opposite used to be the Crocodile, (Never went in though).

Cuffley Children's Home, 1 Hanyard's Lane

Hi, I was in Cuffley Children's home from 1965-1972. I am trying to find anyone who went to the home and may remember me or knows anyone who went there during that time. I remember some names such as Jackie Howard - she was my best friend there, also Josemary, also Aundry, Anthony and Sandra were brothers and sisters. I also remember Uncle Jack and Aunty Kay who ran the home at that time, also Aunty Katheen and Aunty Peggy were helpers there. I had the best time of my life there and I just wondered if anyone else remembers it or me. Collette Sessions.

Gren Man Pub, Wormley West End

Family research. Robert Akers owned the Green Man Pub in Wormley West End in the 1700s. I would appreciate any information on the pub concerning exact location, pictures or just general information. Many thanks

My First Try at Stand-Up Comedy - in Cheshunt :)

When I attended a weekend course called "The Entertainers" at the old Theobalds centre in Cheshunt, I had no idea what was in store. I was supposed to prepare a ten-minute piece to perform that night in front of a large audience. I didn't know! Without warning or rehearsal, I was thrust into the limelight and did the best I could. Later, my friends and family laughed when I told them I'd been a stand-up comic. Well, they're not laughing now!

My first attempt at being a stand-up can now be viewed on my YouTube channel at

Lotus Factory

I remember back in the early 1960s walking along Dalaware Road and looking into the open doors of the Lotus factory while they were assembling Lotus Cortinas. This meant nothing to me then, but now I am a petrol head and like cars.

The Old Pond

I remember the cinema at the old pond we used to call the flea pit, then it was demolished and on the vacant site we had a fair one year. I used to go to Sunday school opposite Ripleys and remember the parade one year that included penny farthings. I remember the greengrocer next to Ripleys was it Barrets? They used to have a German shephard dog in the back yard.

Mill Lane Cottages, Mill Lane, Turnford, Herts

Hi, I am trying to research my family tree, family name is Sipthorp. I have obtained various birth certificates for my father and uncle. They were born in these pretty little cottages, the family consisted of mum, dad and 5 children, my, what a squash! My grandfather worked at the powder mills which I can only assume to be The Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield Lock. If anyone out there could perhaps help me with this unusual surname, which by the way is a very old Cheshunt name, I would be very grateful for any further information.

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