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Clatworthy memories

Here are memories of Clatworthy and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of Clatworthy or a Clatworthy photo.

My Great Grand Father

My great grand father was named William Clatworthy, from the town of Clatworthy. He migrated to the USA some time in the 19th century. I know that he was a minister and sometimes a baker. That's about all I know. I was hoping to save some images of the town of Clatworthy for my mother.

Memories of Somerset

Mr. & Mrs. Grabham

Thlocal shop was owned by my grandmother, Mrs Grabham, my father was brought up there, and had a very happy childhood. We used to visit when I was a child and I loved it. Sadly the shop does not exist any more, but it still a lovely little village. The cottage that they lived in was just across the road from the church.


I have lovely memories of Wiveliscombe and my Father moved us there in September 1939. We lived in London and with the war upon us the move for me was very positive .I was just 3 at the time and really took to country life and we were lucky because we managed to rent Norton Cottage(Oposite the Vicarage). The Cottage was part of Norton House(Which was Condemmed) and we had a lovely garden which was part of the House. My Father was in a reserved occupation and had to live in London but visited us at every opportunity.
I was really too young to appreciate the terrible war which was going on in the world and I can recall going to school and really becoming part of the community.
My Sister got married at the local Church in 1944 .My Brother-in-Law had moved from London and worked in Engineering very close to where we lived.
I remember using the local shop at the bottom of the Hill and I believe... Read more

Wiveliscombe Earliest Memories

I remember being taken to Wiveliscombe as a young boy in my Uncle Jim's dark green Standard Vanguard, he ran the Rock Inn at Waterrow 1954- 1965. He would take me to the toy shop at Wiveliscombe Square called Richards and Lanes (later became Twiggers) to buy me a Dinky or Corgi car. I was only four in 1960. Our family had moved from Holbury near the New Forest in Hampshire to Somerset in the late 1960s. In November of 1967 we (the Bishop family) bought Upingtons, 6 High Street, a strange Georgian house (I think it was haunted) bought from the Maunders family. It had three floors and two cellars and full of dry rot and death watch beetle. My father (a very tall man) used to be in the merchant navy as a sea captain, Peter Bishop, being nearly 6ft 5 inches tall - my school new friends would say "Hi Julian, how's your 7ft dad?". There was a cake shop/restaurant next door run by the Rates family.... Read more

Donkey Derby at Wiveliscombe

Here is another tale of recollection of the Wiveliscombe Donkey Derby. In November 1967 we had moved from the New Forest to Uppingtons, 6 High Street Wiveliscombe, a strange 3 floored Georgian house that sat between the Chemist and the cake shop/restaurant ran by Mr Rates. Wivey was a thriving little town, little had changed since spending my holidays at Waterrow as a young boy although the railway station had now closed and the markets were becoming a little less frequent. In 1968 I was approaching my twelfth birthday. I attended Kingsmead School, my friends many of which were sons of local farmers, would have to work Bank Holidays. In 1968 I had joined the Wivey Choir, don't asked me why, I think it was a brain wave my dad had at the time. Mr Berry was the organist and the rector was Rev Bentley who had a lovely daughter. The was a youth club which was great fun. Bank holidays were spent at the Reck, the Recreational Grounds, where they held... Read more

West Street, Wiveliscombe

In 1985 my family and I moved from South Africa and purchased the detached house at number 24 West street, called Bay House. This house was built by E.B.D. Hall M.R.C.V.S. He was the local veterinary surgeon but on his death his wife lived on in the house until her death when the house went on the market and we purchased it. What a solid building comprising of 5 bedrooms and three reception rooms. We inherited much of Mr. Hall's veterinary equipment and a stunning book case made of English Oak which was made for him or his father in 1901. This still sits in pride of place in our lounge here in South Africa. Unfortunately we had a daughter with a hearing problem and we could not get the correct education for her in Taunton, fighting with the local council so eventually we returned to South Africa in 1987. We remember Wivy with much affection, a lovely town with lovely people.

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