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College Chapel 1901, Clifton

College Chapel 1901, Clifton

College Chapel 1901, Clifton Ref: 46506

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School Days

The Downs Hotel 1887, Clifton
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I never thought that I would see this building, then an office for the civil service, returned to be residential! I believe the family who once ran this hotel now live in Exeter. If they read this I would love to hear their stories.


Christ Church 1887, Clifton
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i married gordon blake dec.2nd 1944.we are still together after 63years

Pictures of The Suspension Bridge And Clifton College

I was recently given a copy of your delightful book - 'Around Bristol'. I was born just outside Bristol - my parents and brothers survived being bombed in their house in Clifton (I have some pictures) - and lived in Clifton from 1946 to 1969. A couple of pieces of additional information about pictures in the book. Page 69 - Clifton suspension bridge. Buses and commercial vehicles were not allowed over the bridge due to weight restrictions. However, Clifton College had a special dispensation to take specially lightened school buses over the bridge to go to their playing fields at Beggars Bush. I believe that the bus shown was a pre-war (192?) Thorneycroft which was withdrawn from service in the late 1950s - very uncomfortable as the springs had come through the horsehair upholstery! Page 75 - Clifton College. The difference between the 2 pictures - 1887 and 1901 - is the appearance of the square tower between the end of the library and the... Read more

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