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Mill Street c1950, Clowne

Mill Street c1950, Clowne

Mill Street c1950, Clowne Ref: C403009

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Memories of Mill Street c1950, Clowne

Mill Street Clowne. 1950

Mill Street c1950, Clowne
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The gentleman pushing a cart in the foreground of this picture is my grandfather, Ernest Pearce (1895-1970). The cart was used to transport bundles of sticks that he cut for sale as firewood. They were sold for 4d a bundle. This was used to supplement his wages when he was a miner and later, as in the photo, during his retirement.

The history of wood cutting in the family goes back to his father, James Herbert Pearce, who used to lease a plot of land at Whitwell Woods and cut wood for sale from his horse and cart.

Grandad was a sniper in the First World War.  He was very lucky as he was shot in the head!  We were allowed to feel the metal plate that had been inserted to treat the injury.  This is incredible when you consider that there was no modern surgical techniques or antibiotics at that time.

Before the Great War grandad used to play football for Sheffield United.  He often walked... Read more

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Meridian Sewing Factory

My mum used to work at the Meridian sewing factory, her maiden name was Valerie Dickens, which then became Valerie Smith. I think mum left there to have me and I was born in 1978. If anyone has memories of the Meridian or knows my mum please get in touch. I'm sure she would love to read about memories of this, thankyou, Miss Lyndsey Smith.

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