Memories of Collyhurst


My name is Malcolm Ruscoe and was born in 1945 and lived all my single life in Weber Street, Collyhurst and I am now in my 70s. I am in the process of writing my biography for my grandchildren to read when I am no longer around to ask any searching questions of me! I attended St Oswald’s School, and I have searched the internet for a ...Read full memory

Collyhurst Flats

I was born Heather Pickering in 1952 and lived from there on in Collyhurst Flats. I also remember playing on Barnies tip and getting into trouble from my mother for doing so. I went to St James primary school and left there and went on to Harpurhey High. My mother also went to Osborne Street wash house, but she used to go ...Read full memory

Collyhurst By Ernie Dignam

I too was born in Collyhurst and we lived on Providence Place. My brother went to the tin school and we have a photo of him walking in the Whit Walks. Marcell Guest Paints is now on the site of Providence Place and they have old pictures of Collyhurst in the factory. My dad first lived in Collyhurst flats on ...Read full memory

A memory of Collyhurst

Gervis Road Collyhurst Flats 1945 1964

My name is Tom Smith, I was born in 17 Gervis Rd, Collyhurst flats in August 1945. My dad was Jack Smith and my mam was Ada; there were 6 kids, John, Mary, James, (me) Andrew, and Arthur. To me the flats were a maze to play in for hours when it was wet. When the sun shone we played cricket out front ...Read full memory

A memory of Collyhurst by Tom Smith

Surprised That There Has Been No Replies To Me??????

Well, I would like to say that I replied to a number of members on this forum who kindly replied back to my messages to them, I must say though that I am surprised and disappointed that no one has replied to my posting, some members must of frequented or still do some of the places, pubs or ...Read full memory

A memory of Collyhurst by Alan Briggs

50s On Collyhurst Road

Hi My Name is Robert Elsey born in 1950 in Sheffield, but used to visit and stay with my grandparents May & Richard Howarth at 485 Collyhurst Road situated the next block of terraced houses just below the Joiners Arms. the house they lived in there was rented and the landlord lived next door. I attended St Oswald's ...Read full memory

A memory of Collyhurst by Robert Elsey

Pilling Street Memories

My gran and aunty Margaret were the last to move out of Pilling Street. I remember Lizzie Whites shop on the corner, playing on chippys roof, sitting on the railway wall and looking over to the turntable - there was no electric. I remember the accumulator man bringing the battery and sitting round the table on ...Read full memory

Open Fire Range.

Back in the good old days, I remember mother polishing this big open fire range. To me at that time it look like a monster, but she polished it till you could see your face in it; she were very proud of the fire place. On each side of the fire place there were two shelves. On one side was a large cast iron pan where ...Read full memory

A memory of Collyhurst

My Collyhurst

I was born in Weber Street (now Collyhurst Road) and went to St Malachy's from 1950 to 1957. I have really fond memories of my childhood, with picnics in Queen's Park (water and jam butties) to walking on Whit Friday and later dancing at Finnigans. In my teenyears we drank in the Osborne House, Billy Greens and then the Palladium Club on Collyhurst Street...happy, happy days.

St Catherine's School

I went to St Catherine's school in Collyhurst in the 1940s and 1950s, does anybody remember this school? I cannot find any records or memories from my school, is there anybody out there who remembers me, Jean Duffy? In my class I remember Edna Moss, Madge Connolly, Jeanette McDonald, Irene Dunn, Margerie Hughes, ...Read full memory

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