Memories of Collyhurst

A Wonderful Time In Copper Street

My name is Carole McCarthy (nee MALONE) I was born in December 1951 in a maternity unit on Rochdale Road near to the Embassy Club. I lived in Copper Street in Collyhurst which had Barney's at the bottom of the street and the Osbourne House at the top of the street on the other side of Rochdale Road. ...Read full memory

Surprised That There Has Been No Replies To Me??????

Well, I would like to say that I replied to a number of members on this forum who kindly replied back to my messages to them, I must say though that I am surprised and disappointed that no one has replied to my posting, some members must of frequented or still do some of the places, pubs or ...Read full memory

A memory of Collyhurst by Alan Briggs

Collyhurst Flats

I was born Heather Pickering in 1952 and lived from there on in Collyhurst Flats. I also remember playing on Barnies tip and getting into trouble from my mother for doing so. I went to St James primary school and left there and went on to Harpurhey High. My mother also went to Osborne Street wash house, but she used to go ...Read full memory

Nayland Rock Cafe Margate

I would ike to contact the gentleman who wrote a comment about Nayland Rock Cafe in Margate. We used to visit before the war on a Sunday as my father had a car. Celia Clinker

Jane And Joseph Durkin Upper Vauxhall St. In The 1930s

My grandmother Jane Durkin lived at 15 Upper Vauxhall St in the 1930s. She was married to Joseph Durkin and she lived there with two sons from her previous marriage to my grandfather Edward Murray. The sons were Edward and Michael (my father). She and Joseph also had two sons - Joseph and ...Read full memory

Collyhurst Buildings

May 3rd 2012, I was born at number 3 Collyhurst Buildings, Manchester, England. The fourth daughter of Mary (Cissy) McCarley, and her husband, Joe. My sisters were Mary, Winifred, Margaret, and Vera. There was a son, John Joseph, who died as an infant. We all attended St. Chad's school, Cheetham Hill. Our home was ...Read full memory

We Are Cousins

My name is Pauline Radcliffe (nee Barrow) and I think the lady who lives in Canada is my cousin Margaret. I too, lived on Arnold Street, Collyhurst, a few doors away from my gran where you lived with my uncle John. My dad was his brother, Ernie. I had 7 brothers and sisters and my mam was Ellen Barrow. I would love to hear from you. Please send me a private message and I will reply.


Is it just me or has anyone from Collyhurt experienced or heard about paranormal happening in and around houses. My friend lived on Lashbrook Close and her house has a lot of paranormal activity. I've stayed there a couple of times it has an eery atmosphere, its quite spooky if you ask me. It would be great if you're reading this ...Read full memory

Collyhurst Flats

Hi Heather You of course Know my sister Ellen and I used to come to your flat and see your budgie, we lived in The Salvage Inn on Collyhurst Street with my parents Sam and Mary Smythe and my two sisters, my youngest being Sandra, from 1960 - 1966. I was five when we moved from The Swan in Crumpsall and remember fondly ...Read full memory

A memory of Collyhurst by Lee Smythe

Beech Mount Maternity Hospital, Harpurhey

My name is Lorna Fielding (nee Singleton), I was born in Beech Mount Hospital Harpurhey, which was in Oak Bank Street, Harpurhey, on 2nd November 1951. I had a sister Hilary Rhoda Singleton who was born 17th June 1961 in Clifton Road, Eccles, Lancashire. She was adopted in 1964 to a couple called ...Read full memory

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