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Hampshire memories


I went to Chute school, starting in 1952 as a four year old. Many happy times at the school until, at the age of 11, I left to go to Andover Grammer. That was an enormouse school as in all my days at Chute St Nicholas there was never more that 30 kids in the whole school. I would love to hear from anyone who was at Chute between 1952 and 1959.

Chute School And Village

I lived in Chute from 1952 until 1970. Chute School from 1955 until 1962. I went to Chute of E School at the age of 4. I remember it well. A good school with strict teachers. Miss Haggar was Headmistress and Mrs Cane taught the infants. I left at 11 to go to a girls school. Our other Headmaster, who took over at Chute, was Mr Mason - he had 3 sons, Malcolm, Alan. and Andrew. I wonder what happened to them /I would like to know? I also was a member of St Nicholas Church choir in Upper Chute. We wore royal blue cassocks with white tops and berets. It was a very strong choir with, at one stage, adults too who sang soprano and alto. About 12 in all including the younger ones. The local pub' The Star' was very popular as was The X Keys at Upper Chute. The Hatchet and the Cross Keys are still busy. The Star... Read more

Granny Green's Shop.

Village c1955, Hurstbourne Tarrant
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The building in the middle of this photo was the village shop. It was owned by my grandmother, Hilda Green. It seemed to me as a child to sell just about everything I could ever have needed in my life. Granny was also the parcels agent for the Wilts & Dorset Bus Company. Upstairs was a room that we called the 'Toy Bedroom', and spread out on the floor were loads of very old toys, still in their dusty boxes. We were allowed on special occasions to select one from the pile.
Set back in between the shop and the cottage on the left of the photograph was a narrow tumbledown cottage. This served as the workshop for my grandfather, Maurice Green, who ran the local carpenters' shop, together with my father, Geoffrey Green.
Just inside the front door was the bike shed, where people could leave their steeds, when they took the bus to work.
Opposite was the Post Office with its two Esso petrol pumps and its... Read more

Granny And Grandad Green

Village c1955, Hurstbourne Tarrant
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I remember going to visit Granny and Grandad Green every Sunday mornign with my father, Geoffrey Green. When out visit was over, usually I was allowed a 'treat' from the shop that Granny Green ran. We would go through from the house, and the choosing would commence! I remember metal tins of biscuits, with a drop-down see-through lid, so you could see what was inside. I vividly remember choosing a magic painting book, and being really excited and couldn't wait to get home (1 Rookery Cottages, Hurstbourne Tarrant) to get started on it! Imagine my disappointment when I opened the book only to find it half done! As the shop was obviously damp, it had been nearly completed for me! Years later, my mother, Hilda, was to work there, employed by Rowley, who used to be the baker in the village, in the shop in Church Street, where my mother also worked in the shop. I remember before my mother worked there, the shop being run by Heather, and we would... Read more

Phil And Gail Buckingham

Village c1955, Hurstbourne Tarrant
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Unless I am mistaken, the house on the left in this photo was formerly owned by Phil and Gail Buckingham and is called "Shepherd's Peace". Phil and Gail became friends of my parents while they lived briefly in New Zealand in the 1950's, around the time I came into the world.
When I lived in the UK as a young man in the 1970's, I visited them often in Hurstbourne Tarrant and spent many enjoyable Sundays (and sometimes weekends) with them.
I have been to the UK numerous times over the intervening years and kept in regular contact with Phil and Gail up until the times of their deaths. On my most recent trip in 2006, I visited the church and spent some time at their headstones remembering what wonderful people they were.
I would love to hear from anyone who might be able to confirm that this is indeed, their house in the photo, and anyone who knew them and who would share some memories of them.
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Childhood Escapism

My aunt and uncle, Jan and Keith Harman, lived in Enham after their marriage in 1965, initially in Dunham Lane, I think it was called - a development of prefabs that backed onto the woods. I spent school holidays loving the freedom of the woods at the end of the garden and long walks to Smannel, cadging lifts off my aunt's friend Margaret McCrill who lived round the corner from me in Andover but worked at the Enham Industries. I remember being dropped off outside the factory and walking through the early morning mists to Dunham Lane.

My Grandparents

Well, its roughly that date! I was born in in 1953. My grandparents George, known as his second name Fred and his wife Liz Moody were one of the "settlers" in Enham. My grandad was wounded in France in 1918. He and his wife Liz lived in one of the thatched cottages in the hamlet of Enham. My aunt was born in 1921 and my father in 1927. I now have his military record but would love to know more personal memories of Enham and about the community then. But appreciate it was a long time ago..

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