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Memories of Clwyd

Shotton in The Forties/fifties.

I was brought up in a two-up, two-down cottage at No.4, Shotton Lane. These cottages were demolished in the fifties and modern houses were built on the site. Everyone was poor and, during the war in particular, people struggled to survive. My father died in 1940, leaving my mother to bring up myself, my younger brother, Jeff, (now deceased) and my elder sister, Stella (now deceased. Our mother slaved for long hours at Shotton Laundry, scrubbing oily overalls for the men at John Summers' Steelworks. Winters were particularly hard, when our mother had no money to buy coal (our only source of heating), and she burnt two of our chairs, and an internal door, which she took off its hinges. Often, in freezing weather, we children would go to the rubbish tip, and gather cinders to make into a fire at home.Yet, we all survived into adulthood.

My Grandparents And Father

Hello I'm hoping someone may be able to help me. I'm trying to find anything to do with my grandparents /fathers life, especially old photos of the area they lived and worked. My grand father was called Joseph Millington and he had a place of work/ factory in Hawarden. All I know was that it went under the name of Ellis & Millington. He was married to Annie whos parents had a farm at Llong. They had 2 sons Graham and Brian. I would appriciate any information as I would like to put something together for my father as a little surprise as he has just had a birthday and I cannot seem to find a lot on the areas where he grew up including old photos of Ewloe and Shotton schools in the 1940s and 50s, and Wood Lane. I know this is a long shot but would appriciate any information that may help.     

Ewloe Castle Before 1257

I see it stated that Ewloe Castle was built by Llewellyn in 1257. But there was evidently some fortification there earlier. In 1256 Prince Edward (Edward I) and his followers were besieged there by Llewellyn and rescued by Simon de Montfort who brought an army of mercenaries from France to their aid. See Charles Bemont's excellent biography, Simon de Montfort, or the biography by Margaret Wade Labarge, or my own book, Montfort, volume one of which is just out on amazon,com. (As it's very new, on it's best found under Montfort Ashe) My book doesn't get to Ewloe until Vol.3, but that will be out by late summer 2010.

Hawarden County (Grammar) School

I was about 14 when I moved to Buckley from Wallasey and went to Hawarden Grammar School. I have good memories of the time there and would like to contact some of my old (now really old) friends from those days. I am now 84.
I left Hawarden to work at Llay Hall coal mine in 1944 and then returned to the school in 1948 for about three months before leaving for Aberystwyth.
Bob Dean email

Hawarden Hulleys?

Hello, I am trying to trace my grandfather who is called Joseph F Hulley born 1930 in Hawarden. His mother was noted as main name of Hulley on his birth cert so it may have been an iligitimate birth, which I believe was quite common in those days! My dad has never met his dad and is keen to do so before its too late, but I am completely stuck at where to look now can anyone help me with info of Hulleys in the area, or may indeed remember my grandad at school? H may well not have gone to school though as I have heard he may well have been involved or been from the travelling fraternity. Any help would be appreciated, please email thank you.

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