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Coombe Fishacre

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Former Residents of Combe Fishacre

I, along with my three brothers and two sisters was brought up in Combe Fishacre House from 1965 to about 1988. My father lived there with his Aunt and Uncle (Neville and Anne Parry) who bought the house in the 1930's. The house was given to my parents in 1965 when we all moved in. We remained there until we sold it to the Longs in the late 1980's.

Much of our childhood was spent on Normans farm (owned by Frances and Aida Luscombe), where we helped out with milking, feeding cattle, gathering hay, etc. The Matthews were at Combe House (then the Monks, then Grant-Sturges's, then the Collins). Miss McVittie lived in the thatched cottage Old Walls until she died in the late 70's. She gave the cottage to Mrs Barbara Marsh who was formerly at The Combe Fishacre Lodge. Bill and Barbara Marsh used to keep enormous Pyrannean Mountain dogs in the tiny lodge, and used to let them... Read more

Devon memories

Dornafield Midsummer Promenade

Totnes Rotary Club invited Heather and Gorse Clog Dancers to entertain at the Dornafield Midsummer Promenade along with other peformers. The weather was dry and cool for a mid-June evening and just right for some vigorous dancing!

Refreshments were available in the open air bar on this lovely caravan and camp site.  A large crowd of holidaymakers and evening visitors made it a succesful charity fundraising event. The dancers rounded off their performance by inviting the audience to join in a massed processional dance which was great fun for the fifty or sixty who accepted the challenge!

The Chudleigh Family

I am trying to research the Chudleigh Family. This is my mother's family. I would be grateful for any information.

Childhood in Broadhempston

I was born at St Joseph Cottages. I remember my first day at the village school, spam fritters, and Mr Matthews from the pub, with his dog called Measles, Marks from the shop, and butcher Lang in his van, who always gave the kids a slice of hogs pudding, happy days, poor but carefree.


Forge c1950, Cockington Village
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I first came to Torquay in 1966 at the age of 16 with my mate noddy. We traveled on Yellow ways from Oldham Lancs which cost £4-£5 return and took around 10-12 hours. We came down to camp at the waterside caravan park and I had my blue rucksack with my World Cup Willy badge sewn on. That time and almost every year onwards I visited Cockington. From 1978 and for many years I brought my family down to stay at The Grange caravan site but then 2003 went on to travel around the world. One of the biggest days of my life was to buy 'Hill Cottage' in Cockington that is just at the back of the forge in 2006. I have now renamed the house ' Midsummer Cottage' and its really nice to stand and chat with the many people who come to visit each year and listen/ share with them their memories of times they have had in Torquay and Cockington. It would also find it... Read more

South Devon

St Mary's Church 1910, Kingskerswell
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I lived in Kingskerswell from August 1963 to July 1974, first in Lyndhurst Avenue and then in Weavers Way.

Frances Best's Family, Princess Road, Kingskerswell, Devon

St Mary's Church 1910, Kingskerswell
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I was stationed at the Royal Signals camp at Denbury in 1952 and whilst there I met a wonderful young lady whose name was Frances Best. She lived in Kingskerswell and I fell in love with her and she felt the same about me. I was invited to her home and was made so very welcome by her family. I was demobbed from the Army at the end of 1952, I lived in Salford Lancashire and we kept in touch with each other by post. I went back to Kingskerswell in 1953 and stayed for a week at the home of Frances, it was great, I fully intended for our relationship to carry on and I was going to get a job in that area, however due to circumstances in my family (it is too long a story to go into) it did not work out that way. I have never forgotten Frances and the wonderful welcome I received from the family at Kingskerswell.

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