Corby, St Brendan's Church c.1965

Corby, St Brendan's Church c.1965

Neg. C337088

Memories of Corby

Memories Of The Crows Nest, The Raven/Tartan Room, The Bin

I moved to Countsfarm Rd in 1959 and went to Hazel Leys School until 1962. I have great memories of working at Sealed Beams and as an Usherette at The Odeon, which meant I got to see ...Read full memory

A memory of Corby by Jeanette Baillie

My First Job

This was my first full time job. I was the office junior. My name was Anne Steedman. I loved my role there; going round with the post, printing out on the duplicating machine (messy things in them days lol), learning all about he ...Read full memory

A memory of Corby by Annie Gibbs

Rockingham Road Shops!

When we moved to Corby in 1949, Rockingham Road was the main shopping area. At the corner was Tipaldis Ice Cream Parlour where my cousins would take me after Church on Sunday mornings. I'd later go there with my Boy Friend- oh yes- Tipaldis was THE place to go!

A memory of Corby by Moira Jones

Wartime Memory

I wonder if any reader remembers a bizarre experiment which took place in 1941/2. Large containers of diesel, or some sort of oil, were placed at intervals outside houses on the grass verge. a short chimney was attached & topped ...Read full memory

A memory of Corby by Robert Hughes
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