Corby, St Brendan's Church c.1965

Corby, St Brendan's Church c.1965

Neg. C337088

Memories of Corby

St Brendan's Church

Like many families, mine moved to Corby from Scotland in 1949. Our first home was in Stevenson's Way. We moved from Stevenson's Way to Chelveston Drive on The Lodge Park Estate in July 1952. I was 8, my little brother three and a ...Read full memory

A memory of Corby by Moira Jones

The Infant School

I started in the Infant School in 1949, the year my family came to Corby - I was 6 years old. I can remember the huts with the old coke stoves. Each classroom had a partition and there was a stage in the last one where we used ...Read full memory

A memory of Corby by Moira Jones

Memories Of The Crows Nest, The Raven/Tartan Room, The Bin

I moved to Countsfarm Rd in 1959 and went to Hazel Leys School until 1962. I have great memories of working at Sealed Beams and as an Usherette at The Odeon, which meant I got to see ...Read full memory

A memory of Corby by Jeanette Baillie

Corby Love It Or Hate It?

First impressions of Corby We moved to Corby, then known as Corby New Town, in 1954, when I was 10. I hated it with a passion having been brought up in the country. Born in Suffolk, where my parents kept a pub in ...Read full memory

A memory of Corby by Vivienne Hedges

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