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Cotham memories

Here are memories of Cotham and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of Cotham or a Cotham photo.

Cotham Station

I have lived at Cotham Station Houses since 1978. The railway line was still in use them, and on a few occasioins members of the Royal Family stayed overnight, including Prince Charles and Princess Anne. We would be given Union Jacks to wave and take the policemen that were on duty cups of tea and bacon sandwiches. We saw Princess Anne eating her breakfast in one of the carriages and she waved to me and my friend.
    I haven't been able to find a photo of how the station looked when it was here and don't know the dates of when it was built or last in use. I was told there used to be a school house as well. The old railway line is now a walk with rare butterflies and blackberry bushes and apple trees, and we can make lots of damson jam. I do miss the activity of when the line was in use but it is much quieter and more beautiful now.

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Memories of Nottinghamshire


I have no real memory of Flawborough. The interest that I have in it was prompted by finding that my great-grandfather, Thomas Moore, and his wife Susan, nee Singleton, had a grocer's shop there. I found this through a nephew still living in England. Last time I was in England, I took time to visit and looked in the churchyard and there were the graves of both of them. One interesting note was the fact that the people of Flawborough had taken up a collection to furnish them with grave markers. If this is true, my great-grandfather must have been a really nice chap and had made a lot of friends. If anyone can shed any light on the shop or my relatives I would appreciate it. I was born and raised in Beeston, Nottinghamshire, and came to the U.S. in 1960. I now live in Mulberry, Florida.

Balderton in The Fifties!

I was born in Milton Street in 1941 and went to Balderton Junior School and then on to the old school in Main Street, I enjoyed my time there and still come back occasionally. I would like to hear from anyone who knew me then, I remember local names such as Hurst, Glanville, Friar, Burdon, Skiba, Marriot,Hocking to name just a few, I am 70 in six weeks time but still like bikes!!! Have an XJ600N Yamaha at the moment. Best regards to all who know me and I would like to arrange a meet in the village in the near future. Jim Hardie


By this point I was ten years old. I rememder going fishing with a net on a pole for sticklebacks just round the back of my house which was in Coging Close, there was a huge area of fields with a stream running by it. I also remember that just round the corner from us was an old run-down farm but it still worked, you could go and buy milk for 5 pence and eggs, and it had a huge apple tree in a field at the side of it that the old woman wuold let you help yourselves to.

My Grandad

St Leonard's Church 1890, Newark
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The funeral of my grandad, Joseph Cobb, was the last one to take place at St Leonard's Church before it was demolished.

Great Grandad's Shop,

The Old Governor's House, Stodman Street c1955, Newark
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Ernest C Rick was my Great Grandmother's first husband. He owned this Gents Outfitters shop in Stodman Street, now it is Bakers Oven. I don't really have any information about him, only that he married Florence and had 2 sons. If anyone knows any more, please feel free to leave comments.

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