Cowes, High Street c.1965

Cowes, High Street c.1965

Neg. C173086

Memories of Cowes

Noris Castle

This was the Red Funnel ship Noris Castle an ex tank landing craft.

A memory of Cowes by John Hopthrow

Special Ladiesspecial Island

My late father Donald Jack Baker was born at Cowes on the 18/8/1910, he would later become my father in Bulawayo, Rhodesia (Now Zimbabwe) on the 20/6/1940. Through no fault of our father we children grew up in ...Read full memory

Hell And High Water!

I worked in my Aunts ladies wear shop (Kays), and remember being flodded when heavy rain combined with high tide caused the shop to have water running through from back to the front with my friend Maureen and myself sweeping ...Read full memory

A memory of Cowes by June Jackson

Change Of Use.

The building on the left became an amusement arcade in the early 1950s and then a dental surgery. Later it was demolished and replaced by a new building of flats and a new HQ related to Cowes week which was opened by Prince Philip in 2005.

A memory of Cowes

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