Crawley, Perryfield Road 1907

Crawley, Perryfield Road 1907

Neg. 57780

Memories of Crawley

A Small Boys Paradise

Moving from Lewisham in London to Three Bridges in 1953 was wonderful. I was only 9 and we were, I believe, the first family in the Birches. We had the river mole with rainbow trout, horses, rabbits, all manner of wildlife ...Read full memory

A memory of Crawley by John Brian

County Oak Tushmore Sports And Social Club

So named because members were from north of Crawley on the main A23 Brighton Road, not big enough to be a village, but a hamlet stretching half a mile north and south of todays Manor Royal Estate ...Read full memory

A memory of Crawley by Tony Tester


My great grandad worked as a gamekeeper on the Tilgate estate. He moved with his family from Suffolk to Crawley in the 1880s. I have many happy memories of visiting my grandparents at Tilgate estate. They lived in the house next to ...Read full memory

My Parents Were Married Here

My mum and dad were married here and I was christened in this lovely old church. My parents were both from old Crawley families.

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