Crawley, Perryfield Road 1907

Crawley, Perryfield Road 1907

Neg. 57780

Memories of Crawley

County Oak A23 Southdown Coach Station

The Coach Station had a cafe (or restaurant) backing a large parking area for London to Brighton Southdown Coaches. It was sited 100 yards south of the County border opposite "Overton's" Beehive workshop on the main Brighton Road. Unfortunately accidents did occur involving coaches turning right ...Read full memory

A memory of Crawley by Tony Tester

Crawley Cof E Village School

I attended the small village school which was located a bit behind the George Hotel. The school was on a corner with a small park across the road. A vaguely victorian stone building .... and an incongruous copy of a Bernini sculpture in the little park. Could not locate it on any maps and it looks as if later ...Read full memory

A memory of Crawley by Anthony Batten

West Green Primary School

The picture shows the Junior School assembly hall which also doubled for PE with neatly stowed ceiling ropes and wall ladders. The headmaster was Mr Dennis who I believe lived in nearby Smalls Mead. I remember Mrs Gowings and Miss Parr who taught three generations of my family. The Infants school building adjoined ...Read full memory

A memory of Crawley

A Small Boys Paradise

Moving from Lewisham in London to Three Bridges in 1953 was wonderful. I was only 9 and we were, I believe, the first family in the Birches. We had the river mole with rainbow trout, horses, rabbits, all manner of wildlife and forests to play in with hectic construction going on all around. It was just amazing - great memories.

A memory of Crawley by John Brian

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