Crawley, Perryfield Road 1907

Crawley, Perryfield Road 1907

Neg. 57780

Memories of Crawley

The Birches Three Bridges

I too remember playing by the River Mole; great excitement when we found what we thought was a dead scorpion on the riverbank. When they we building the Three Bridges estate, they had a narrow gauge railway for ...Read full memory

A memory of Crawley by David Randall

County Oak A23 Southdown Coach Station

The Coach Station had a cafe (or restaurant) backing a large parking area for London to Brighton Southdown Coaches. It was sited 100 yards south of the County border opposite "Overton's" Beehive workshop ...Read full memory

A memory of Crawley by Tony Tester

Wolseley Cars

The car in the photograph is a Wolseley. I am the Secretary of the Wolseley Register and recognise the car. The interesting thing is that a similar car exists in Hertfordshire and that also has the wicker tubular basket on the rear of the car.

Tilgate Mansion Crawley West Sussex

This is the first time I have ever seen such a wonderful photo of Tilgate Mansion, other than bits of it in the backgound of faded family snaps. It means a lot to me because my father, Peter, spent part of ...Read full memory

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