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Frank Bott Avenue

Living toward the end of Frank Bott Avenue, just before the circle where the road bends round into Rigby Avenue. With mum, Doreen, Dad, Cyril (he adopted Cyril as his first name because he didn't like the thought of his christian name William being used to make his initials W.C.), and my two sisters, Kristine (she adopted the K from the C), and Janice. Our immediate neighbours were Mr & Mrs Robinson; he was a first world war vet, and used to use all of his garden front and back for home grown veg, and fruit - I can still remember the gooseberry pies mum would make. On the other side was Mrs Hamilton and her son Don, she was an Irish lady who would call through the hedge," Mrs Waine, Mrs Waine...can I borrow a cup of sugar?" Kids in the immediate area at the time, when we would play footy under the lamplight in the circle, until my Mum would call us in, were; Mick Mason (masog), Dave... Read more

Park Huts

I lived in the huts from the age of four to the age of eleven. The huts were on Wistaton Road, where the huts were was called Park Place. Looking at Park Place from Queens Park to the left was a small field and going further left was Webb Orphanage, then a gully which was a short cut to West Street. Behind the small field before Webb Orphanage were the air raid shelters then the Chester and North Wales railway line and the other side of the line was the world famous Crewe Railway Works. To the right of Park Place was a small farm where the owner sold fruit and vegetables then further right was the 'razzer' where my Uncle Tony used to fish for carp illegally shh...don't tell anyone! Across the road was the tip, the place where the gas works used to dump the slack after extracting the gases from the coal. Let's hope this gets more people to mention the huts. I have a million stories... Read more

Martin Street

I remember S C Cummins quite well, their factory was close to the corner of (I believe) William Street. My grandparents lived at 55 Martin Street for many years and my aunty lived on Earle Street. My uncle lived on William Street and indeed he worked for Cummins on a part-time basis delivering the vans. Crewe makes up a large part of my life, I was born there in 1955 and left there in 57 to move to Scunthorpe, but the majority of my school holidays were spent visiting my very large family who still live their. I remember going to watch the Alex and going to watch Crewe Kings(?) the speedway team which I believe also had its home in Earle Street. My brothers and I also took my grandmother's dog for a walk down by the gully. On my last visit it had changed quite a lot with Martin St gone and the new court house and police station. We always travelled to Crewe by train and my... Read more

Playing Pool Above Burtodanceing S

Nantwich Road c1965, Crewe
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Hoping to hear from friends in the sixties

Wedding Day

The Chetwode Arms And St Paul's Church 1951, Crewe
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Got married in St Pauls 1966, left Crewe to live in Cornwall 1969

My Childhood Memories of Crewe.

The Square 1951, Crewe
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I left in 1966 to come to Australia, I went to West St Infant and junior then to Ludford St. My mum was Betty Brownell, Nee Fleet. a tailor at C.C. Dad, Alf Brownell, a tool maker, worked at the Railway work shop until he went to serve in the army re WW11, then Kelvinators, etc, he worked for Hoover and lastly at Charlesworths. My family names include, Cartwright, Fleet, Morrey, Williams, Stansbie, Brownell, Roscrow, Minshull, Jones, Oakes and Barlow to name just a few. I used to go to the western sports with Uncle Len and auntie, Doll Cartwright, who lived at 254 West St, I lived at 70 Frank Webb Ave. Mum and Dad loved ball room dancing. I used to go to the Ritz on Saturdays to the dances, Ice skating at Altringham and was in the Red Cross in Crewe. Remember the Church hall burning down in West St. 1960's. I went to all the Christmas parties at County Clothes during the 50's and 60's. My mother started... Read more

Mill Street Junior School

The Square 1951, Crewe
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I was at Mill Street Junior School until 1969, my first teacher was Miss Carefull and I remember a Mrs Reid too. I loved singing in the assemblies in the hall(?) across from the school. I also remember the tuck shop around the corner. The loos were outside and I remember playing marbles in the school yard. It was a very happy time, though I recall getting my mouth washed out with soap for saying "bloody". The library was very good and I remember the day our hamster drowned in a bottle of glue!

Broad Street School

Queen's Park, The Main Entrance c1950, Crewe
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I too, went to the Nursery School on Broad Street. I remember Miss Massey who slammed the desk down on my fingers squashing my signet ring, which resulted in my finger swelling and the ring having to be cut off! Such a nice lady to be teaching five year olds.... After the nursery we went to the infants school on Broad Street with Miss Cotton as our Headmistress. Then, for the first year of junior school we were in a railway carriage behind the chapel on North Street with Miss Kruger as our teacher. Afterwards, it was up to the junior school with Mr Foden, who I remember as a tall grey man, in grey suits. There was a welsh student teacher called Edward Gwyn Howells that we ten year old girls had a crush on, and I remember Mr Foden giving us a ticking off about it! There was a brickyard pit opposite the school (it had been my great great grandfather's) and we would get into... Read more

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