Crickhowell, Market Square And High Street 1951

Crickhowell, Market Square And High Street 1951

Neg. C188026


Caption for Crickhowell, Market Square And High Street 1951

The monument in Market Square is inscribed: 'In memory of Henry John Lucas M D. Born July 3rd 1804 Died December 29th 1873'. To the right, Williams & Wilde's baker's shop is next door to the awnings of Isaacs the greengrocer's.

Memories of Crickhowell

My Young Days At Crickhowell

I was born in the War Memorial Hospital in 1954 my mother and father lived at 35 Ffynnonau, my father was born at Crickhowell on New Road. We visit every August and visit our grandparents' grave in St Edmund's church where my parents were married in 1952. I love the town and try and visit as often as possible as I now live in Cardiff.


My great-great-grandfather was the grocer in High Street in 1841.

Where I Started Out

I was born in the War Memorial Hospital, Crickhowell in 1949. I don’t remember that bit, but I remember traveling down to Crickhowell on days out just to sit on the bridge watching the water pass by - so peaceful, outstanding scenery, I thought it was beautiful.  We lived in Brynmawr, not too far away. Then years ...Read full memory

Sevenoaks Scouts Go Youth Hostelling In Wales

I remember taking the patrol leaders from my scout troop, the 3rd Sevenoaks (Riverhead), on a visit to Wales as we wanted to check out posiible sites for a summer camp the following summer. "Skip" was Mick Ryan who was then an RAF Squadron Leader and his plan was to use his contacts to fix a ...Read full memory

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