Crickhowell, Market Square And High Street 1951

Crickhowell, Market Square And High Street 1951

Neg. C188026

Memories of Crickhowell

My Young Days At Crickhowell

I was born in the War Memorial Hospital in 1954 my mother and father lived at 35 Ffynnonau, my father was born at Crickhowell on New Road. We visit every August and visit our grandparents' grave in St Edmund's ...Read full memory

Church Weekend

there used to be i believe old house in Crickhowell it was refurbished to meeting place the men breakfast weekend was used and then ladies breakfast weekend was held there. it certainly was old house it still had bars on ...Read full memory

A memory of Crickhowell


My great-great-grandfather was the grocer in High Street in 1841.

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