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Hall 1925, Cromer

Hall 1925, Cromer

Hall 1925, Cromer Ref: 77521

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The Pedlar's Pack, Jetty Street, Cromer

Jetty Street 1925, Cromer
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The mother of my work friend, John Wallace, owned the flat over what used to be the Pedlar's Pack. We often rode to Cromer from Leicester on our motorcycles and spent weekends there. On one notable occasion John's bike would not start after being ridden along the beach, and we spent all night with it in the flat's entrance hallway trying to get it started, fortunately with success. I don't recall much of the flat interior, but it was a quiet location and ideal for a rest from work. I see that the shop has long since gone, but what of the accommodation?

My Father - Gardener

Rock Gardens, West Cliff c1960, Cromer
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My father, Leonard Griffin, worked for the council as a gardener and helped build these gardens. He then helped maintain them until he retired. My memory is being allowed to run from one garden to the next and then the next but having to wait for my Mum at the end. I don't recall these as the rock gardens but as the sunken gardens.

My Father

Family at The Telescope c1955, Cromer
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My father, Lenny Griffin, used to put these out every morning and store away in a shed at North Lodge Park every night in the summer. I used to go with him and when they got the smaller binoculars I was allowed to carry one. The big telescopes my fther used to carry one on each shoulder.

One to be Proud of

The Garden Of Sleep 1899, Cromer
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This image was shot by my great-great grandfather JJ Merrett, makes me proud to know that his work is still being sold. Even more so to know that he shot a subject we can now no longer go and see as it fell into the sea around 1913.

August 1898

Marlborough Hotel 1901, Cromer
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Just to record a letter I have by Henry Wood, of the Promenade Concerts, London.
Henry Wood married Princess Olga Oorousoff in July 1898 and honeymooned in Braemar for some 6 weeks. On his return they must have stayed in the Marlborough Private Hotel, Cromer, for the letter has this address, dated August 20th. '98, stating that he was still on his honeymoon.
His own arrangement of a 'Fantasia on British Sea Songs', (1905) sung on the last night of the 'Proms', I'm sure many have enjoyed, it seems, for ever.
Do contact me if you would like to see a scan of the letter.
Mervyn Slatter

Christ Church, Overstrand

Church 1896, Cromer
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This picture is of Christ Church which ws built in 1867 beside the disused church of St Martin. Christ Church was later demolished and St Martin was restored.

The Metropole Hotel

Tuckers Hotel And The Metropole Hotel 1894, Cromer
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The hotel which features in this photo is the Metropole Hotel which was situated in Tucker Street. It had access at the rear leading down to the Promenade. Following WW2 it fell into disrepair and was demolished being replaced with a block of flats. The only physical survival is a metal gate at the east end of the site, opposite the small Church gateway. This gate bears the letters HM (for Hotel Metropole).

The Grand Hotel, Cromer

The Grand Hotel From The West 1899, Cromer
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The hotel on the right of this photo is the Grand Hotel situated on the Runton Road and corner of Beach Road. It had its own hard tennis courts across Beach Road - now a Car Park - and a flight of steps leading down to the Prom - replaced by Anglian Water.

Mr John White, Principal Lighthouse Keeper

The Lighthouse 1894, Cromer
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My great-grandfather, John White, was Principal Lighthouse Keeper, from 1883 onwards. John, with his family, a wife, and three sons, travelled from Wales where he was a Lighthouse Keeper at South Bishop Lighthouse, Pembroke St Mary. Sadly his eldest son, also John, had died on duty in 1882 on the Lighthouse Ship Aberdaron. He had been on duty as a Lighthouse Keeper, was aged 21 years. Tragedy struck the family again, when after only 18 months of duty at Cromer on the 28 March 1884 John himself died on duty. We visited the lighthouse some 2 years ago and in a wooden drawer upstairs in the Lighthouse, the current part time Lighthouse Keeper showed us the Log Book where these details were found. This Log Book is still in use today. It was also noted that the previous Lighthouse Keeper had also died on duty! Jillian Carr, nee White

Where Was This Hotel', is it Still in Existence.

Royal Links Hotel 1899, Cromer
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I have lived in the area all my life and don't recognise this hotel. It is a grand structure indeed but I cannot recall seeing it.

Jetty Street

Jetty Street 1925, Cromer
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My ancestors lived in Jetty Street around 1890 and at one time had a chocolate shop at No 8. Next door at No 6 was a shoemakers, I believe (now called Jacob's Rest). The family name of my great grandmother (Emily nee Newman) and great grandfather (William Harry) was Gower. My great great grandfather, John Newman was involved in the building of Cromer Pier and he was married to Jane Jacob in 1848. My great grandmother moved from Jetty Street to 17 Vicarage Road, Cromer but her son Rupert moved back to Jetty Street and it was he and probably his sisters who ran the chocolate shop.

Flecher Convalsecent Home

Convalescent Home 1925, Cromer
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I worked at the convalescent home for 6 months, (my name was Lansdale then) as so-called 'nursing aide' - more like 'maid of everything' - cleaning baths, polishing old brass taps and scouring equally old claw-footed baths, while waiting to start nursing training in Norwich.
It was a lovely building in a lovely area (although with the war still on, barbed wire barricades were on beaches for fear of invasion). Matron was an old Tartar! - but it was a good introduction to nursing life as in those days the junior on the ward did the cleaning - and the ward sister made sure it was done properly before Matron did her round!

An account of my time at Cromer is included in my book "The Patchwork Years".

Lighthouse Keeper

The Lighthouse 1894, Cromer
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My great grandfatherwas lighthouse keeper at Cromer - Mr Hopkins

Summer Holiday, 1958

Elmhurst Private Hotel 1922, Cromer
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My family and I stayed in the Elmhurst Hotel, Cromer for two weeks during August 1958. My brother and I made several coach excursions from Cromer - to Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Sandringham, King's Lynn and Ely. I went alone to Sheringham by train - the trains were still running then! - and found a most interesting book - which I still have - in a secondhand bookshop. I remember the beach there was most peculiar - divided by an almost straight line into areas of shingle and sand. We all went on a boat trip on the Norfolk Broads, and by train to Norwich for the day. On Cromer pier there was the Guinness clock telling Guinness time - on the hour the clock would open up, played a tune and all sorts of funny figures appeared and moved. It was a great attraction. Thank goodness, I took a photo of it, because I don't think the clock exists now. In later years my parents took my younger sister... Read more

Summer Holiday 1958

Elmhurst Mansion 1922, Cromer
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This is a front view of the Elmhurst Hotel, which stood - or stands? - in Cabbell Road, where my family and I stayed for two weeks in August 1958. I wonder if the building is still a hotel? I took a similar photo, which is in my album for that year. I also have two group photos of all the folk who were staying in the hotel at the same time as my family and I.

Family Connections With The 'Louisa Hartwell'.

The Lifeboat 1922, Cromer
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My father and grandfather both served with Henry Blogg on the 'Louisa Hartwell' and my dad was one of the pallbearers when Henry Blogg died.


Born in 1947 in Suffield Park, as was, Cottage Hospital on Overstrand Road. Lived in Links Avenue until 1959. My memories are vast. I went to school in the centre of Cromer which is now converted to senior citizens accommodation. I have been back to Cromer two or three times, the first time after 30 years. My husband and I took a nostalgic trip to my old home and the area where I played as a child. My parents divorced in 1958 and my mother remarried in 1959 and we moved to Chester. My father, "Tim" Ernest Sylvester Bartram was a trumpet player in a band after the war and also worked as a signalman. He had been a Sergeant in the Royal Air Force when my mother met him and he had been a POW in Germany for some time after being the only one left alive after his Halifax crashed in Germany. I have his Log Book, makes interesting... Read more

Crab Cottage

In l984 my sister, Christine Ramsey/Taylor wrote to me at my home in Texas asking if I would like to share a holiday cottage with her and her three children. She had booked in at Cromer and had rented an old fisherman's cottage, called Crab Cottage. The rent was going to be 75 pounds for a week. I had planned to visit England that year so I accepted for my daughter Amy and myself. We stopped off in Leicester for a few days, then we loaded up the car and set out for Cromer. The cottage was very small and I was to learn that the previous owners had raised a large family of children there. How they managed I don't know. There was a kitchen downstairs and a lounge. Upstairs were two bedrooms. One had a double bed (which almost filled the room) and the second one had bunk beds. In the lounge downstairs there was a bedsettee. Hot water for the... Read more

The Bartrams

There is a long line of us 'Bartrams' living and working in Cromer. I myself was born in East Runton 1956, although at the time my parents Bernard and Mary lived in Gas Works Cottage, Cromer. We moved to Lynwood Road, Cromer in 1957. My father, Bernard William Bartram, was at the time in the RAF. When he left he joined the railway as a signalman. My grandfather Ernest Bartram was also a signalman and lived at 7 Central Road for many years. He and my grandmother Emma were I believe quite eminent in local council for Cromer for many years. I had an uncle there as well Ernest, known as 'Tim', also ex-RAF and later a signalman. I have many memories of Cromer and a lot more to tell. I will update as I can. I visit there when I can. Last year (2009) I visited there twice during the summer. I was on holiday from where I now live - Spain. Cromer is still my favorite place to... Read more

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