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My nan, Beatrice Wareham used to live at Dovas cottages and we used to come and spend our summer holidays with her. My Aunt Jane and Uncle Mickey Hevele lived at The Borough and my cousin Elizabeth used to work for Mr Birch. My Aunt Jane still lives in the village. I can remember going to the shops with my nan and passing the bootmaker. I seem to remember my mum (Rhoda McGonigle) nee Wareham saying she went to school with him and his name was Albie Ralphwe. We used to pop in and I loved the smell of the leather in the shop. I can remember the village stores with the tins of biscuits set out at the front on display. My mum's family all lived in Crondall my Uncle Charlie, Auntie Ciss, Auntie Jane and my Uncle Mickey (Jane's husband) used to work at a local farm in the grain dryer. My Aunt Ciss's family all worked at Roke Farm and some still do. I can remember my mum saying that she met my dad, John McGonigle, when he was there being demobbed during the war and she worked at the NAAFI. I have very fond memories of Crondall as a child and used to really enjoy our time spent there.

Written by Christine Greathead. To send Christine Greathead a private message, click here.

A memory of Crondall in Surrey shared on Wednesday, 7th March 2012.

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