Croydon, Davis Theatre, High Street c.1955

Croydon, Davis Theatre, High Street c.1955

Neg. C201037

Memories of Croydon


I was born in Croydon in 1954 and lived in Addiscombe all my life. I went to Woodside School and also Ashburton Secondary Modern in Shirley Road. Both Addiscombe and Croydon have changed so much. I remember Kennards, C&A and Debenhams and when buses ran through Croydon town centre.

A memory of Croydon by bailey143

James And Maria

James and Maria James lived here 1842

A memory of Croydon by Janice Arnold

Fairfield Halls

I was born in Croydon 1950 and as a child use to play where the Fairfield halls now stand their use to be a car park and a fireing range and opposite side of the road where the nestles building stands was a fire station

A memory of Croydon by johncurtis51

Croydon In The 30's &40's

I was born in croydon 1929 I was christine finch then . Went to croydon parish church School and then to croydon British girl's school in scarbrook road is there anyone who remembers that school.

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