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Historic maps of Cumnock and the local area, hand-drawn by Ordnance Survey and Samuel Lewis.   View all Cumnock maps

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Sorn| Ochiltree| Mauchline

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Memories of Cumnock

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Ayrshire memories

Happy Days

To me there is nowhere like Skares was, and anyone who came from there will say the same.  Everybody knew everybody else and they were always ready to help anyone that needed it.  You could go out and leave your door open without worrying about anything being pinched.  In the summer we used to all go on a picnic doon the blackwater when it was nice, and we'd go for walks roon the pluck. My mother sometimes took us up to the Covenanters monument up the Knockdunder hills. She used to take us picking rasberries to make jam in the summer, and when the brambles were ready she'd take us to pick them and scribes to make jelly.  It was guid.  We used to take our mother's clothes pole and loup the burn.  At Halloween we'd go roon knocking on doors and we'd sing or say a poem and get sweeties, nuts and fruit. We were always made welcome.  At Hogmanay some folk would go first fittin'.  My granny (Meg... Read more

Aroon The Raws

AROON THE RAWS l9th.March, 1980 Memories of bygone days, We now live in different ways, A modem world..treats us proudly, This we acclaim, oh so loudly, Yet somewhere, hidden in our minds, We all live in different times, Mine is runnin’ doon the raws, Late for schule, get the tawse, Big Annie, pokin’ on ma airm, Though awfu’ sair, it did nae harm, Keekin’ in the Readin’ Room, See the smoke go swirlin’ roon, Joiner Tham’s horse an’ cairt, Sittin’ high, an’ feelin’ smert, Maggie Hazel’s cups o’ peas, “Sa’t an pepper”? “Yes please”, Doon tae Neillie’s,pinchin’ eggs, Through the nettles, stingin' legs, Sneakin’ ahin’ the playgr’un’ wa’, Rabbie’s gairden’s lookin’ braw, Tumshies, grosits, carrots tae, We’ve got enough, we’ll away, Johnnie Widburn roars an’ shouts, Will the snotter put oot his dout, Roon the loch for stankies’ nests, These hissin’ swans are just a pest, The Big Burn lures us a’ awa’, Dookin’, splashin’, divin’... Read more

I Was Born in Rankinston

I had many very happy years spending my summer hols with my wee Granny and Grampa Bowman! I met my first love there too!

The People of Mirkirk

I lived in Muirkirk for a few short years and did not want to leave. The people of Muirkirk are fantastic, I moved there about 1978 when I left Edinburgh. My dad got a job in the area, he was not long out of the forces and came from Ayrshire and we have family in Mauchline anyway. When we arrived the very first night a group of teenagers came to our door and introduced themselves and took my sister and I out, from then on we had loads of friends from the village and had a great time there, swimming in the dam in summer, Tibbies Brig, the discos in the centre and who could forget the pie shop where we used to go early hours after the disco. The walks were lovely. The bus journey to Auchinleck Academy was a great laugh and I will never forget the time I made cakes in home ec and the boys from the village threw them at everyone on our bus, much... Read more

Garron Hill

Hello, my gran, Margaret Kerr lived on Garronhill for years. She sadly passed away in 1982. We holidayed there and she lived in the downstairs maisonette and we were only allowed as far as the bridge on the river Ayr to play. When tea was ready, she'd open the door and shout us in. In the morning we had sugar rolls. She had a big pantry with a built in marble piece, and a roaring fire. Never ever did we visit and she never had a tin of home made toffee. I miss those simple days x

Best Time of My Life

The best time of my life was as a young boy living in Muirkirk. My grandparents, James and Jean McKie who lived in Garronhill, were awesome. He was the local baker at the Co-op. I can still remember him standing in the bakery as I ate my free cake. My parents were Jim and Jean Smith and we live in Stoneyhill Avenue. We moved to Motherwell in 1969. I eventually moved to Australia in 1981. The Boys Brigade, school days and church are all fond memories. Some people I still think about are; John Johnston, Jimmy Girdwood, Mary Wallace and Susan Park.

Annbank Hotel

I remember my dad asking me to go to the hotel in Annbank for his fags (funny how it was always at night), if it wasn't for the promise of getting a bag of crisps for going, I'd surely never go. This was the most scariest hotel, in the most scariest wood I'd ever seen. Sadly in the mid 1960s the old place got knocked down. Now that time has passed, I always think of the old hotel with affection. I no longer live in Annbank, I live in Barnsley, South Yorkshire now, but I always make a pilgrimage to my old home and stand where once the hotel stood, overlooking the river Ayr.

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