Deal, Deal War Memorial Hospital 1924

Deal, Deal War Memorial Hospital 1924

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Memories of Deal, Deal War Memorial Hospital 1924

Memorial Hospital

The two photos are of Deal War Memorial Hospital on London Road. My brother's godmother, Margaret Paxton, used to be Matron of the Hospital. My father and brother had operations there, my grandfather passed on there and my godmother was a Head Nurse.

A memory of Deal by Francesca Wellard

Memories of Deal

Deal By Deafault!

My wife spent many happy summers in Deal and Walmer with cousins/aunties/uncles/gran/gran-dad when on holiday from Swindon. She never stops talking about the Glen and mimicking her Welsh gran-dad saying he was going for a walk down Dover Road (you have to do the Dover Road bit in a Welsh accent). never fails to make me smile. ...Read full memory

A memory of Deal by Jeff Andrews

Castle Lea B&B Gladstone Road

Does anyone remember this B&B, located at No.2 Gladstone Road? It was run by two guys, Bryan & Michelle, one of whom was a fabulous cook. We stayed there several times back in the 70s. Wonderful hospitality! I often wonder what happened to Bryan and Michelle.

A memory of Deal by Joan Street

Born And Living In Deal From The Late 50's Until The 70's

being born and living in deal from the 'late fifties until the seventies' was such a wonderful part of my life, and has never left me. these photographs and memories bring it all back to me. the skating rink, boats, winches and plenty of tar! on the beach, the night ricemans went up in ...Read full memory

A memory of Deal by treebark5

Thomas Barwick

Perhaps you would like to know more about Thomas Barwick. Sarah Goodborn was Thomas' s second wife and was possibly the sister of his first wife, Eliza Goodborn, who appears to have died in childbirth. He had three children with Eliza: John (1835), Helen (1839) and Thomas (1844, died in infancy). In 1851 Helen was a servant in a ...Read full memory

A memory of Deal by Helen Middleditch

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