Denbigh, The North Wales Hospital c.1960

Denbigh, The North Wales Hospital c.1960

Neg. D22155

Memories of Denbigh

Old Cock Pit

I was born in Denbigh Infirmary in January 1944. My father, Emlyn, was in the army at the time, he was the son of Abel Jackson, a local decorator. My mother came from Huddersfield. They married Boxing Day 1942. My GGF was Daniel who came from Glasgow. He worked at Coppy Farm, Henllan Road. Daniel married twice, his second wife ...Read full memory

A memory of Denbigh by bob.jackson3

So Long Ago.

I too went to Fron Goch and was taught by Miss Annie several years before you.. She was very memorable. My last name was Whitley and we lived in Bodfari at that time. We got the train to school.

Townsend Grocery Stores

I used to come on holiday annually to stay with my Nain and Taid in Ruthin, I have fond memories of the staff and family from the "Townsend "Stores; as the train left Denbigh station on the way to Ruthin all the family would be outside to gives us a wave, it was always a highlight of a long journey. David Davies was ...Read full memory

A memory of Denbigh by Peggy Roberts


I too was born at Denbigh Hospital (1958) and we lived in Trewen which at the time hadn't been extended to Erw Salsbury. I used to walk to school with Mum down Ruthin Road to Fron Goch and we'd call at a sweet shop on the way back on a busy corner. Dad worked at Edward Thomas & Co which was an agricultural machinery depot. My sister ...Read full memory

A memory of Denbigh by Shirley Jones
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