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Memories of Lancashire


Rushcroft Estate c1950, Shaw
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I moved to live in one of the houses shown in the background of this picture around 1964/65.
Rushcroft was a council estate and my father worked in a cotton mill and my mother worked at the Osram mill in town, making lightbulbs.
Shaw was a prosperous thriving place at this time. I lived on Duchess Street, which is illustrated here, until 1971. It was a very happy time for me. It was a simple life but it was good.
Sadly, family life changed dramatically for me following the death of my father in 1971 and I had to move away. I will always look back on these years as the best years of my life, and feel privileged that this very poignant memory has been captured on camera.

CROMPTON County Secondary Modern School. (t''Central)

Rushcroft Estate c1950, Shaw
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t'Central stood at the junction of Kings Road & Moor Street, almost on the bend.Compared to the junior school it seemed very modern and had only been open about twentyfive years. It had a large playing field behind it. Sport was an important thing there. I was in the relay swimming team. Otherwise cricket and football were of no interest as my feet were like shovels and my co-ordination was a travesty. I don't remember any pressure being applied to me or any animosity or stress. I had a wonderful time;I just attended until I was 15 and then left; no exams, no "o levels", I just got myself a job as an apprentice fitter a week before I left and that was it.
I think my happiest times were in the English Literature classes when we read books and discussed them, er - no, we were told about them and essay writing. We had the BBC schools broadcast for music, geography and again English. Art was usually a pleasure... Read more

The Sweet Shop And The Imperial Cinema

From John Moloney; I was moved to Oldham as an evacuee from Stretford in 1941 to live at 395 Featherstall Road North. The house was occupied by my great-great aunt, Ellen Farrow, and her son Fred and his wife Maggie. When I arrived I was full of impetigo (at least that's what I was told). I was literally scrubbed from head to toe, then bandaged, over an ointment on the sores. The next day I was embarrassingly taken on the bus to a clinic, bloodied bandages showing below my short pants. There, the bandages were painfully removed and I was washed with calamine lotion. Whatever the treatment, the sores healed and there was no recurrence of the problem. Maggie and Fred Farrow both worked at the Willowbank Cotton Mill at the bottom of Granville St. Fred also worked taking tickets evenings and weekends at the Imperial Cinema which was only three doors away across Granville St. If my friend George Rigby and I were good, and only sat in the front row,... Read more

Born in Oldham

High Street 1951, Oldham
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I remember seeing the Queen when she visited Oldham - I was born there in 1950.

Desperate For Information on William Balshaw

High Street 1951, Oldham
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I have found a letter from Mary Ann Balshaw (possibly Ada Mary Ann) written from British School, Patricroft in 1882 - I believe she was the sister of my grandfather. He disappeared without a trace in about 1928. The parents were Adam Balshaw and Mary Ann (nee Wilson). If anyone knows of this family I would love to hear about it.

June Bartlett

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