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Caddy's Ice Cream Parlour

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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Was Caddy's ice cream parlour on a corner near the market? Can anybody tell me?

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A memory of Dewsbury in West Yorkshire shared on Monday, 27th October 2008.

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RE: Caddy's Ice Cream Parlour

How I remember Caddys Ice cream, it was the best.

From what I remember, Caddy's were in a back street near a toy shop called, if I remember rightly, Worfex, or something like that. If you walked through there you came out in the bus station or the other side was more or less at the bottom of Daisy Hill.

I left Dewsbury in 1961 and when I was there in 1998 last I couldn't find Caddys. So sad!!

Comment from Richard Parkin on Sunday, 2nd November 2008.

RE: Caddy's Ice Cream Parlour

Caddy's was unique. I remember when it was about to close Keith Waterhouse wrote a piece about it in the Daily Mirror. It made way for the Trafalgar House development. The wooden bar-room style interior was put in storage, I believe, but I don't know what happened to it. The other good Dewsbury ice-cream was Crossley's. That too has disappeared. It was tucked away next to the toy shop, Worforks (sp?), behind Archer's shoe shop which has a wonderful art deco door. Stringers (or We Buy Owt's) was nearby and also closed as a result of the development.

Comment from Richard Donkin on Monday, 3rd February 2014.

RE: Caddy's Ice Cream Parlour

Also from memory, Caddies ice cream used to have their own ice cream van that travelled around, mum used to (you could do that then) go out with a Tupperware tub and he'd fill it to what ever amount you wanted to have it filled to.

Comment from Martin Bird on Saturday, 7th December 2013.

RE: Caddy's Ice Cream Parlour

My Great Uncle Ken made the ice cream. Me and my sister used to watch him, as kids, make it and then we used to taste it mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My family was the Cadamatri family, but it was a big secret, but hey ho anyway, I've gone on to have two beautiful kids and I can sooooooooooooooooo sing but tooooo shy lol.

Comment from Catherine Barlow on Sunday, 2nd September 2012.

RE: Caddy's Ice Cream Parlour

How I remember Caddy's was in the late 60's early 70's. My mother and myself shopped regularly in Dewsbury and we often called in for an Ice-Cream. I remember Frank Cookes, the gentleman's outfitters and also some other good clothes shops. All gone now, by way of the decline generally of all town centres - all for the out of town shopping centres. The White Rose Shopping Centre in Morley - this is all well and good but we have lost all status now. Manufacturing has declined and the loss of general morale, sad the we have to succumb to this. Can anyone do something for Dewsbury and the towns surrounding the Spen Valley? Please someone help.

Comment from Jonathan Hanson on Saturday, 14th April 2012.

RE: Caddy's Ice Cream Parlour

Ah yes, The Bon Bon Cafe, I think it was one of the first places to serve "frothy coffee" in Dewsbury. And how hard for the double decker bus drivers getting out of the bus station. I also remember going to a Saturday Night Hop, it was in a church hall which I think at the time belonged to St Phillip's church in Leeds Road (the church was demolished years age) and I think the name of the street the hall was in was "Rocky" or "Rockley" Street. There was also a school in that street but I can not think of the name of it - Eastboro School?

Comment from Richard Parkin on Thursday, 13th October 2011.

RE: Caddy's Ice Cream Parlour

I remember Caddy's ice cream parlour, it was on Tythe Barn Street just past a shop called Worfex which sold all kinds of toys and games, just past Caddy's was a ginnel and a fish and chip shop and it came out by the bus station. At the back of the bus station was the Bob Bon coffee bar and a snooker hall, sadly all have gone now.

Comment from Arthur Mortimer on Thursday, 4th August 2011.

RE: Caddy's Ice Cream Parlour

My big sister Julie used to take me down Dewsbury with her every Saturday when I was little, late 1960s, early 1970s, and the highlight of every trip was Caddy's! I always had an orange ice, tall glass of fizzy orange, scoop of the best ice cream in the world, long spoon and straw! I loved when it went foamy on the glass and and got jaw ache trying to force my tongue inside the glass! The best bit at the bottom when ice cream and orange mingled, heaven! I wish they would come back and recreate the same atmosphere, all that wood, everyone polite and strangers talking to one another and NO MOBILE PHONES GOING OFF! We can all dream! X

Comment from Jo-Anne Smith on Sunday, 3rd April 2011.

RE: Caddy's Ice Cream Parlour

Just been reading some more on here - the pub used to be The Little Saddle and outside was a very important little passageway that lead to the bus station. There used to be a printers down there, I remember getting some cards made there.

Comment from Gordon Sharpe on Wednesday, 2nd March 2011.

RE: Caddy's Ice Cream Parlour

Caddys - lovely ice cream. An Italian family (excuse the spelling), Cadamarati I think it was. A real ice cream parlour on Tithe Barn Street, which is off Westgate, round the back of what is now the Headhunter pub. The parlour was demolished to make way for the new shops that face onto Long Causeway, great pity as Caddy's decided that was the end of the line for them and stopped making ice cream, they pulled their vans off the road as well. As a child in the early 1960s I loved going there with parents and grandparents, where I'd get a 'float' with grapefruit pop and a blob of ice cream on top, you drank the pop through a straw and had a spoon for the ice cream. If you were not quick enough it all merged into one frothy milky goo! Inside the 'cafe' part was through a door, you went and sat (quietly of course) on padded seats at a polished wood table. The walls were panelled and the counter, to me at least, was only for giants to get served at! They had a counter just inside the door for people to buy cornets to take with them or, in later years, big tubs to take home. The only place I've found anywhere like it, for quality of ice cream, is the Harbour Bar in Scarborough. No, I never did get used to the different taste of Crossleys, who were the other big ice cream sellers in the area.

Comment from Gordon Sharpe on Wednesday, 2nd March 2011.

RE: Caddy's Ice Cream Parlour

I was a Police Constable in 1974 at Dewsbury. Caddy's was in a back street accessed off Westgate 1st left just as you turned in from Market Place. A ginnel lead through to Longcauseway. They made the best Ice Cream by far. The ginnel to the bus station was the next one on which led past the Carlysle Printing Company.

Comment from Stephen Helm on Monday, 9th March 2009.

RE: Caddy's Ice Cream Parlour

The 'ginnel' running through to the bus station went past the front of the Little Saddle and behind the Singer sewing machine shop. On the right-hand side of the ginnel was Althams Travel Agency, Stringers and the Carlysle Printing Co., which then joined Tithe Barn Street. To the left of the Little Saddle was Freeman, Hardy & Willis shoe shop and to the left of that, Archers Shoes. If you walked down the left side of Archers then followed the way round to the right, Werfects Toy Shop was on the left and just the back entrance to the Little Saddle on the right; straight in front of you at the end of the short street was the gate into the Little Saddle's yard. At the right side of Werfects was a very short road leading that went through a narrow 'gateway' to the Longcauseway. On the left-hand side of this short road on the opposite corner to Werfects was Caddy's (oh, the ice cream - there's been nothing to match it since!). On the left-hand side of the short road and behind Werfects was the La Ronde Coffee House, a small (but perfectly formed) café where my friends and I used to go after school to discuss homework... amongst other things! As you went through the 'gateway', immediately on your right was a small, white, single storey building that was the 'chippy' (you always got loads of bits). There was also the Ladies Conveniences on the right (I think) as you walked towards Longcauseway. There was a turnstile at the entrance and you had to put your 1d (old pence of course) into the slot then push your way through - a bit of a problem if you had a few full shopping bags.

Comment from Betty Sanders on Tuesday, 8th April 2014.


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