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Thomas Hardy's School c1965, Dorchester

Thomas Hardy's School c1965, Dorchester

Thomas Hardy's School c1965, Dorchester Ref: D44122

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Memories of Thomas Hardy's School c1965, Dorchester

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Shopping With Mother

Market Day 1955, Dorchester
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My nose would have just about been level with the stalls given my age at this time! What one didn't grow in the garden,one could purchase on the stalls (not that it emulated Covent Garden). I haven't lived in the area for 45 years but I do believe it was a centre for a good old gossip!

2nd Battalion Dorset Regiment- Married Quarters

Dorset Regiment Museum c1955, Dorchester
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My earliest memories are of the married quarters, well into the interior of the barracks of the Dorset Regiment. My father had escaped the poverty of the East End of London in 1923. By 1937 he was a very formidable sergeant of the Second Battalion of the Dorsets. I used to run through the archway of the keep every morning to the Grove School and I was all of about six years old. My memory is vivid. There was an army controlled grocery store (Naafi) and it might have been within the barracks. As a small boy. I was fascinated by a machine that cut ham or beef in slices. The name on the machine was Buerkel or like that. An RAF airplane came down on the moors and it did not catch fire. My father was out there telling people not to smoke. It came up Colliton Walk on a lorry and was a fabric job with huge wheels. I remember a little... Read more

Parallel Parking in South Street in The 1960s

South Street c1965, Dorchester
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I had recently passed my driving test and drove a Morris Minor Saloon, to practice my parallel parking I used to drive down South Street after work or on a Sunday and park outside of Woolworths or Marks and Spencers and try various manoeuvres with the aid of the reflection of the car in the plate glass windows.

A Family Business

Market Day 1955, Dorchester
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To anyone local to Dorchester this was a familiar scene day in and day out for almost 50 years. My grandfather Ben Courtney started selling 'fruit and veg' in 1947 from hand-carts on the roadside. His son Doug started in 1950 and various members of the family helped out through the week.

This picture shows my Aunt Isabel serving a regular customer with his two sons. Her father Ben is behind in his hat, serving, and her brother Doug is extreme left, carrying a box. My father (Doug Courtney) tells me his wife Joan was not at work at this time because she was expecting me to be born, in the June of that year!

Doug took over in 1960 and Trevetts worked alongside from the mid 1960s. Doug, Joan, Win, Isabel and Glad were the familiar faces that served. I did my fair share, working on busy Saturdays to ease the load. Everything was seasonal, and spring into summer brought a surge of fruit and... Read more


Cerne Abbas Giant, Dorchester
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Between about 1956 and 1963, every year, my Mum and I would holiday in London for a week and then visit Auntie Claire in Cerne Abbas for one week. Claire lived in Acreman Street a direct reflection that the Cerne Giant took up an Acre of land. It was a 'must' to visit the Giant every year. The memories are vivid and glorious. The beauty of Cerne and Dorchester have lived in my memory ever since, and I have visited many times over the years. In the 70's I was in a band and we played the club at the end of Dorchester high street that had a mock aeroplane above the stage. I would like to know from anyone who can tell me the make of bus that ran from Dorchester to Cerne in the late 50's and early 60's, as you can tell my memory isn't that vivid. I collect scale models and I have the first car I ever owned, a Triumph Herald Coupe, but the addition... Read more

Christmas Memories From Ayr (Scotland) 1960s

Market Day 1955, Dorchester
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My most treasured memories are Christmases in the 60s. I was one of a family of 6, me being the only girl. Christmas eve was always a very exciting time for us, there was always something going on. My mum would be in the kitchen preparing the vegetables for the next day, and making a huge pot of broth. The smell was glorious and filled the whole house. We didn't have a lot as my dad was out of work for many years, he had agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) but my wee mum always made sure we had a good Christmas. My 2 youngest brothers and myself always wanted to go to bed as early as we could - sometimes before 7pm. It wasn't long though before we were back down the stairs again, we thought if we went to bed early, Christmas morning would be here sooner! We were always too excited and couldn't sleep, usually we ended up falling asleep downstairs. I always remember being woken up by my... Read more

Wollaston House

Agriculture House 2004, Dorchester
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Wasn't this building once called Wollaston House wherein were educated the first two years of Hardye's boys? I was there in 1953 - 54 when Mr Hale was head of the lower school. My first form mistress was the Duchess.

The Milk Bar in South Street

South Street c1965, Dorchester
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We used to go in there often, and I remember one time being very confused when asked whether I wanted lemonade, cherryade, limeade or Whipsnade, 'cause I knew that was a zoo and I didn't quite get the idea of puns. Another time, being sent to the greengrocer virtually opposite there for a pound of grapes, I was asked whether I wanted red or white and I replied that I'd like the green ones! The age of innocence?

Judge Jeffery's Restaurant

King's Arms Hotel 1913, Dorchester
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I recall being taken to JJ's on many an occasion over the years during the 1960s /70s by my parents and great aunt Chris, went back in late 1980s or early 1990s with my mum, son and step-daughter and the waitress that worked there when I was a kid was still working there, which was amazing. As kids, Frances and I used only to manage starters and puddings.

South Street

South Street c1965, Dorchester
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I was 10 years old when this photo was taken, and I always remember South Street being busy. There was a market stall just up a bit from Kay's almost in front of the Antelope Hotel. My mates and i always used to hang out in the "Milk Bar" cafe a bit further down the street. There used to be a lot of good "hang outs" then, the Wimpy Bar, the park. The cars used to come all the way down the street then.

Thomas Hardy

Max Gate, Thomas Hardy's Home 1930, Dorchester
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I don't have a specific memory of anything except that my ancestor is Thomas Hardy, author and poet. I am in awe of his writing abilities and his life. I hope to find many things here about him. My search will continue and hopefully I will get a dream visit to England and see his cottage.

'When we Were Young'

Market Day 1955, Dorchester
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‘I remember when’ - yes, I remember market day in Dorchester very well – when your picture was taken I was 10 years old, and could well have been one of the children in your picture. On Wednesdays, during school holidays Mum took my brother and I to Dorchester on the bus and we would go'‘into town’ first to do the weekly shop.

This photograph shows South Street (facing south) where they also (and still do) had stalls selling vegetables everyday - Dorchester Market itself is still held in Weymouth Avenue, which is approximately half a mile from South Street.

I think the stall holder was called Neville (Trevitt?), the lady could well be his wife. I also recognise the gentleman on the right with the cap, I think he was someone 'important in Dorchester' in those days, but his name escapes me, he must be now long gone, 54 years later!

On leaving school at 15, I work in 'Boots the Chemist' which is the... Read more

My Gt Grandparents Lived at Hangmans Cottage

Hangman's Cottage 1898, Dorchester
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My great-grandparents lived at Hangmans Cottage sometime during the late 1800s or early 1900s. My dad Robert Mitchell was born at Friary Cottage in 1904 which is a short walk from Hangmans Cottage. He used to tell me about his time spent with his grandparents at Hangmans Cottage when he was a boy. Sadly I am not sure as to whether it was his paternal grandparents which would have been called Mitchell or his maternal grandparents which would have been White-Matthews that lived there. I would really like to know, but sadly there is no-one left to tell me. I have visited both cottages on several occasions with my late father and have since taken my children & grandchildren to see both places. We now have several pictures of different generations standing outside Hangmans Cottage.

Late 1940's Through to 1954

I moved to Dorchester in 1949 with my parents and lived at 2 Castle Row, North Square. I have nothing but fond memories of growing up in Dorchester and even though I haven't been back since the early 60's and have lived in Canada since 69, through the medium of Google Earth I have been able to ‘virtually’ visit the town again and was not surprised to see that most of it hasn't changed, after all why would it? It has been much the way it is now for at least a few hundred years, or maybe longer, however the house we once lived in has been demolished and turned into a parking lot and I noticed the building that was once a (Eldridge Pope) pub has closed, probably when the brewery closed its doors in 2003, and now looks like a family residence. The Boy Scout hall has also gone along with Christopher's the butcher's which was opposite and Mr Browns grocery store, just a few doors down... Read more

Milk Bar

I used the milk bar regularly in 1964.
The woman who owned it was named Adams.
She had a daughter named Carol , anyone any idea what happened to her ?

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