Dover, The Beach 1890

Dover, The Beach 1890

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Memories of Dover

Fools Gold And Castles

I can look back to sunny days and my uncle helping us to collect fools gold at St Margaret at Cliff. Auntie Alice would pack up a picnic and we would take a ride in the car (I can't remember what type) and we would sit ...Read full memory

A memory of Dover by Jane Mansfield

1945 To 1966

My grandparents, Jabez Smith and Kate his wife owned the post office in Coombe Valley Road, formerly Union Road, before and during the war. Their daughter Rose Moss (my Mother) ran it from the age of sixteen. They also owned and ...Read full memory

A memory of Dover by Ken Moss

Robert William Wells Shop Keeper

I understand my grand father workedin,orpossibly owned a fishmongers and or grocers aroundabout 1900 can anyone confirm this please and where was it. Was it his own shop or was he an employee Does it still stand ,do any photos exist of it Thankyou John Wells

A memory of Dover by John Teddyfoot

This Was The In Place When I Was 18

I remember this as being the place to go when we were out for the evening. We used to drink vodka and lime and think we were really cool. It used to get packed out and was really modern and trendy in it's day.

A memory of Dover by Frankie Hilary

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This picture shifts the scene down to the beach; we are looking east to the castle and the chalk cliffs. Pleasure boats are in evidence, and holidaymakers are clearly enjoying a day in the Victorian sunshine.

This is an excerpt from Kent Photographic Memories, by Helen Livingston