Drayton, Havant Road c.1955

Drayton, Havant Road c.1955

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Memories of Drayton

Memories Of Cafe Monica

Cafe Monica was the best place in the world for Heather and Trevor Eastes of Solent Road School. We went there every day for our lunch carrying our big boxes of veg waste to take home to our many guinea-pigs. We'd buy ...Read full memory

A memory of Drayton

The New Inn Crowd

My parents, Ron and Mary Grant took over the New Inn at Drayton in 1957. Prior to that they had the Royal Pier Hotel at Sandown, on IOW. My sister Suzanne came over with them. I joined them the following year, as I had ...Read full memory

A memory of Drayton by Roland Grant

Jr Robinson And Maison Drayton

The farthest shop on the left was owned by my grandparents and I lived there until I was 3 with my parents, Ivan and Betty Robinson. They sold prams and baby goods. My mother Evelyn Betty McTurk did her ...Read full memory

A memory of Drayton by Lynne Wood

199 Havant Road The Cottage

When I saw John Cowan’s posting, my eyebrows shot upward, since it so happens that 199 Havant Road was also my first home. I was born on 7 January 1935 and we lived at The Cottage (most houses had names in those days) ...Read full memory

A memory of Drayton by Anne Joseph

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