Durham, St Oswald's Church 1918

Durham, St Oswald's Church 1918

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Memories of Durham

Great Memories Of Durham City

My Uncle Gordon was the police man who used to sit in the police box at the top of the street in the market square directing traffic. This was around 1950s. I used to live in Meadowfield and came to Durham many, ...Read full memory

A memory of Durham by John Greenwell

Arrival In Durham

This the view one saw when arriving in Durham by train from Kings Cross, but nowadays most of the little houses between the station and the city have vanished. The heart of the city lies in a horseshoe-shaped bend in the River ...Read full memory

A memory of Durham by Diana Dioszeghy

University Days

This was one of the streets I walked along when going to the lecture rooms on Palace Green. On the left is No.1, the large house belonging to St.John's Theological College, and on the right is the arched entrance to the Cathedral close.

A memory of Durham by Diana Dioszeghy

Student Balls

While I was at University all the balls were held in this wonderful hall, and seeing it in this picture certainly brings back pleasant memories. Somewhere I still have my ball cards. Underneath it was a crypt, or undercroft, where the student societies held some of their meetings.

A memory of Durham by Diana Dioszeghy

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