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Eastbridge Road c1955, Dymchurch

Eastbridge Road c1955, Dymchurch

Eastbridge Road c1955, Dymchurch Ref: D74003

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The Victoria Hotel. Dymchurch

Beach Holiday Centre c1960, Dymchurch
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My sister Marjorie Andrew and her husband Ralph had the Vic between 1940 and 1950. I lived in Yorkshire and visited every year during the summer holidays and I loved the place. I did read that it had been renamed after refurbishment of the outside where the original name of the Ship Inn was discovered, then retained. I would love to hear from anyone who was around st that time.


Beach Holiday Centre c1960, Dymchurch
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The first time I went to Dymchurch was with my mother, stepfather, brothers and sister. We stayed at Pippers Field Caravan Park. Discovering Dymchurch, there was a desterted holiday camp with all the windows smashed. The holiday camp looked as though it had been empty and abandoned for quite some time. We wandered off exploring the old buildings leaving my mother and step father behind. As children we expected to find hidden treasure, but it was just a desterted holiday camp. After a while we went looking for my mother and step father only to find them waltzing in what seemed to have been once a ballroom, with rubbish all around them as they danced. I had so many happy holidays at Dymchurch as a child.

My First Home

The Putting Green 1952, Dymchurch
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I was born in one of the cottages behind the coach in the photograph. Lots of good memories

A Long Happy Association

My family has had a long association with Dymchurch since the 1890s, first at Barn House and later at Grantchester Cottage in Sycamore Gardens. Six of my family are buried in the churchyard and two are named on the war memorial. I first visited aged 7 in 1946, have done so ever since and have met the welcoming new owners. I have very fond memories notably the massive clean sandy beach, picnics and swimming in the summer, walking on the long sea wall and visiting the little funfair towards St Marys Bay. The Martello towers, being fascinated watching the RH&DR miniature railway passing by as I placed an old penny on the line for the train to flatten it but the driver would often see me then turn on the steam to blow it off the line. Later, buying my first car at what was Checksfields Garage - very much an era of true personal service. I remember the Ship Hotel field as an empty grass space now completely taken up... Read more

Growing up in Dymchurch in The 1950s

I lived in Marshlands during the 1950s and started school there, Miss Weth was the headmistress and my favourite teacher was Mrs Nichols. I moved away in 1960 but still remember a lot of my friends names including Lesley Frisby, David Coker, Dennis Lees, Jill Clayson and my first girl friend at the age of seven, Hazel Divers. I was heartbroken when we moved away and have great memories of my childhood when life was so innocent.

Iris Sid And Myself

Iris was my partner and Sid was our mad white poodle.
We first had a holiday from 1995 and we liked everything we encountered, the people mostly, whatever we did it was good. We hired a chalet owned by Jim Coker.  Sue was his partner and she managed things for him.
We used to go to the auctions and the boot sales further afield, but the good feeling was getting back to Dymchurch for Iris to feed the horses that grazed along the railway line at the back of St Anns Rd, on those balmy summer evenings.
Sadly Iris died just before we were due to go on holiday in June 2004, but I will always be grateful for those happy days and good vibrations,Sid fell asleep 31/12/07.

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