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Memories of Hampshire

My Early Years

my memories relate from the very early forties till the early eighties. I was born in Andover in 1937.My mother was a Lambourne and was born in Thruxton in 1903 at Rose cottage which is just to the left of the "George" looking southwards. My mother was one eight children born at Rose Cottage between 1894 and 1904 .The children being:Margaret Nina;Reginal Bertram;Olive Marion;Kathleen Violet;Montague Hugo;John Henry;MARGARET SYBIL;William Cyril. My mother being Margaret Sybil. My grandfather was Glennie Lambourne who was a Baker.The Bakery was to the left of the GEORGE and to the right of the post office which was almost opposite Rose Cottage. Glennie had a contract to supply the army at Tidworth. Ludgershal and Bulford. There was a large barn at the back of Roe Cottage and an outside toilet attached to the barn next to the stream. There was a pond next to the barn and the side of the house. The Lambournes also owned about two acres of the land towards the vicarage... Read more


my dad was born in amport his mother was eliza izzard and married his dad albert john smith , i believe she was from lower bullington andover and her mother from west stratton winchester, i have a few family letters that iv looked up, my dads mum died on christmas day aged 40 his dad died a few years earlier also 40, my dad had three sisters lucy, phyllis. kathleen. and a aunt emm his mums sister looked after them in a lovely old cottage in amport opposite the villiage green. called limberlost i dont know why it was called this strange name oviously they new, the cottage as i remeber as a child being taken down on summer hols had a thatched roof and the back garden was elevated and led into fields out the back we my cousins and i went on many an adventure we came out at some buitifull gardens and a cricket match going on , we would go walking... Read more

The War Years at Amport

My mother's name was Wiltsher, well known in Amport her grandfather had a blacksmiths shop in Sarsons Lane. At the outbreak of war we returned to live on The Green, I went to the school via a sweet shop owned by Barton Lizzy, passed a farm owned by Mr Stroud who had two sons. Milk was delivered by a man with churns on his handle bars it was too much for his forks, they snapped and he was killed. My mum's sister kept the White Hart pub, her name was Adams. Other names I recall are the Whites, Wires, Sanderlins, Turners and there was an old piano tuner called Puffer something - he had a very old motorcycle which I later bought. Any info, please contact.

Amport School 1968 -1974

Nigel Taylor - I attended Amport school 1968-74. I have lots of good memories: the ladies upstairs cooking the lunch, the dumb waiter bringing down the food, the warm milk on the door step, the village fete, Mrs. Charnock, Mr. Hiscock, Mrs. Hodges. I remember watching the Red Arrows fly over Amport House and the Razy bus taking us back to Quarley at the end of the day. Who doesn't remember Norman "Bogey" Reed, good time: please feel free to e-mail me

Short But Happy Memory

Our family lived in Walnut Tree Ground for just about a year in 1963. I went to the village school at Kimpton, having just passed my 11-plus in Manchester. From Kimpton I went to Andover Grammar. Always remember the pig farm at Weyhill and waiting for a bus there to go to AGS. Loved watching the horses from Toby Balding's stable as they excercised and went up past our house. Having no car in those days, I remember walking for hours around the lanes - especially the long walk to Kimpton school.

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