Memories of East Ham

Green And Silley Weir

I worked for Green and Silley Weir in Royal Albert Docks in the mid 1960's. I remember there being a nice bunch of people working there. Every Christmas us girls in the offices used to get a few big boxes of chocolates from the men who worked in the different *shops*. There were Blacksmiths, Engineers, electricians ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by beattiedolly

Life In Beckton East Ham

I was born in Beckton in the house I spent the first 17 years of my life in. It was a small community between the Royal Albert Docks and the Beckton Gas works. My mum was born there, we went to Winsor school, different building but same sight. Great childhood in the days when we knew all our neighbours and could ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by d.guyton

Hammer Of The Year Dance

At the end of the 1972/1973 football season, and at the age of 17, I went for the first (and only) time to the annual Hammer of the Year dance at East Ham town Hall organised by West Ham United. I went with my friend Diane Legg. There I was asked for a dance by a young man, which was a surprise to me as I never ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by Ann Martin

East Ham 1943 To 1971

I moved to East Ham as a nipper in 1943 and lived in Bartle Avenue. During the war I contracted diphtheria and spent eight weeks in an isolation hospital somewhere in Woodford. During that time a V2 rocket dropped in the area bounded by Navarre Road and St. Bartholomew's Road. I have tried to confirm this on the ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham

East Ham Memories

I was born in Plashet Grove in 1951 but shortly moved to 146 Milton Avenue until moving away from the area in 1967. So many memories. Happy days playing in Plashet Park, 30 a side football in Milton Avenue with a case football stuffed with rags when the bladder burst. My mother worked in the sweet factory so was never ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by Peter Hopkins


When I worked at Fentocraft in St Johns Road it was a small factory that did hand painting on glass and pick-a-sticks, a game. We always had a Christmas party, they would put a table down the middle and our bosses, a M and Mrs Bound, provided the food, always a turkey and all the trimmings, even wine, which we never had at home, ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by Pamela Mather

Central Park Road

I remember joan deal,and her family we lived two doors up at 189 I used to run errands for her mum when I was a kid now 71 and live in france what a small world lewis moore

A memory of East Ham by moorejag

Fond Memories

I was born in Frinton Road, East Ham, in 1946. I went to Brampton Junior and EHGS before emigrating to Australia in 1960. I remember Brampton Park, the Dumps, Galleons Hotel (the prison hulks used to hold convicts until they were transported to early Australia were moored in Galleons Reach), the old Woolwich ferries, the ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by Rod Martin

The Good Old Shops

I was born in Hatherley Gardens in 1951. My memories are of all the lovely shops that were around, I wonder if anyone can remember some of them? Salters Prams, Larkins Sweet Shop, Rowes Sports, Hamlets estate, Economic Stores, Cohens furnishers, Bertwistles chip shop, Slaters show repairs, Greenwoods, Eddy Grimsteads, ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by David Rennie


The best toast in the world was served by the two old ladies in the Town Hall swimming baths; then you'd come out and go in the library next door. Saturday mornings off to the shack at Brampton Manor, Peter Brewer was the youth leader there. Often wonder what happened to all the old crowd; We use to go down the Odeon in Barking Road ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by Brett Jolly

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