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I was born in London, and my family moved to Culberry Cottage in East Pennard when I was about 8yrs or 9yrs old.  That was a short but happy stay in the area amongst the farm lands, animals and walks in the fields picking wild daffodils and bluebells. I loved to help the farmers with the dairy cows and picked the cider apples.  Will never forget the wonderful taste of the fresh milk/cream, but  especially the taste after the cows had eaten some of the cider apples (cider and milk do not mix well!). Culberry Cottage was at that time a 700 year old stone cottage with no electric and a well for water at the bottom of the lane with many frogs living in it which I loved to play with and freaked out my mother.  I am now in my mid-sixties and have over the past several months been dreaming of the cottage, I searched on the internet and found the people who are now living in the... Read more

Somerset memories

Burrows Family Circa 1952 to 1960

Abbey House c1960, Ditcheat
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My grandparents lived in Ditcheat; Sarah and Hubert Burrows. They had three daughters, Elisabeth (Bessie), Gertrude (Gertie), Pamela and also a son Mettford (Mett) Burrows. My mother Pamela, like her siblings, was born in Ditcheat (she was born in 1920). She went into 'service' as a young child and when the war came she volunteered to travel to a town named Corsham in Wiltshire where she met and married my father. As children, myself, sister and brother with our parents would travel to Bath, get a train to Castle Cary and bus to Ditcheat. We got off the bus at the Bakery, it had holly bushes growing in the garden, the building was red brick. Our grandparents lived at Marylands. There used to be an orchard over a five bar gate at the bottom of the lane. My grandmother used to say, "don't go picking the apples", we always did and would hide them for the journey home. My grandfather used to be a signalman on the railways', usually Castle... Read more

Living With Grandpa

Abbey House c1960, Ditcheat
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I spent a year living in the Abbey House from Sept 1967 to July 1968 with my dad, mum, and younger sister. My grandfather, Hugh Leir, owned the house and lived in the older/original part of it for that year too. I was 11 years old at the time and it was a magic year. My sister and I had a wonderful time exploring the old house and grounds, especially when Grandpa wasn't around, and we were Robin Hood and Maid Marian for a good part of that year we lived there too. The attic was a wonderful place to explore. I remember the chicken bones that held the stone tiles in place. I have fond memories of Walter Higgins who was the gardener/grounds keeper there at the time and neighbours, the Barbers, who had giant hunting horses in the stables next door.

Brian Salter
Mar 2011

Land Army in North Somerset

My name is Barbara Tucker & I spent several happy years during the Second World War at Pilton in Somerset. I was in the women's land army and can remember those wonderful days working with the animals and milking the cows at 6 am and working in the fields. I worked at Abbey farm and knew Paula Turnball & Flossy Billing. I would like to make contact with any land girl in Somerset. My contact details are E-mail : ( her son) Telephone : 01823 400733

Womens Land Army Ww11

My mother Ivy Green was in the land army and I understand she was based on a farm in Pilton. Is there anyone who either recalls her name or was based in Pilton .




My great uncle Mr Arthur Real who was born at Axmouth Devon in 1886 and grew up there, started a business in Castle Cary Somerset with Mr Walter Holton from Trowbridge Wiltshire in the 1930s. They named their bakery business Real & Holton. Mr Holton was a master baker and confectioner and worked in the bakehouse in Fore Street from 4am in the morning until he finished his day. The first batch of bread would be ready by 8am. Mr Holton would then cycle to his home in Torbay Road to have his breakfast while the staff would take the hot bread from the bakehouse into the shop, ready, when the shop opened at 9am. My great uncle ran the business side and lived above the shop and cafe with his wife Clara. Above the shop and cafe there was a large grand front room with two windows, one a bay.  These two windows overlooked Fore Street. The view was beyond the Market House up the road, and down to... Read more

Where It Is Now

Cricket Pavilion 1899, Shepton Mallet
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I don't know when, but at some point the whole pavilion was moved to where it it still is, just behind Nat West and Philips' Tyres. It has been converted into a bungalow, but if you look closely you can see what it was. When we had our office there, it still had its little tower, but it leaked and the landlord took the easy option of removing it.

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