Eastry, Sandwich Hill c.1960

Memories of Eastry

Sense Of History

There is a sense of history by walking along Church Street with its deep guttering, for the times when and where horses were the transport and along to the Church, the Palace Of Eastry, Eastry Court and then Eastry farm and the ...Read full memory

A memory of Eastry by Michael Mitchell

Church Memories

The church also holds fond memories for me. As well as being born in Forge House some 60 years ago my family had lots of connections with the church. My sisters, brother and I were all in the choir - my brother being a cross ...Read full memory

A memory of Eastry by Elizabeth Hunter

Going Down And 3 Miles To Sandwich

Again, we notice Eastry is set atop a hill and the Roman Road continues its way down and along to Sandwich. On the way are Dutch sounding place names such as Felderland Lane. The land is very flat and it ...Read full memory

A memory of Eastry by Michael Mitchell

Village Hall, Roman Road

Eastry has an important history and this is the Roman Road which went to Woodnesborough (after the god 'Woden') and to Sandwich to the right. The village hall to the left, through the open gates was the infants' school ...Read full memory

A memory of Eastry by Michael Mitchell
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