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As a 13-year old lad freshly returned from the United States (to which my Dad had been posted for oil shipment duties), I found myself one September day a little teary-eyed at the doors of Edgarley Hall. I did not know then that I was about to start the most wonderful experience of all my school days. The Hall was then the junior school for Millfield in Street. It was also a mini-heaven for boys who were as ready to learn as much as they wanted to scramble up and down the Tor, fish in the Brue, go to the flicks in Glastonbury, play cricket and soccer throughout Somerset, and just generally wake up to a world of woods, wildlife, and a kind of singular wonderment.

Memories of Somerset

The Roman Way

We moved to Glastonbury in 1994 and left in 2000.
We loved our time there and have wonderful memories of walking our dogs along Wearyall Hill and across the fields at the back of our house then along the banks of the River Brue. We were able to sit up in bed with a cup of tea in the morning and look at the sunrise over Glastonbury Tor. A very special place that we go back and visit often.

An Important Place!

The Hospital c1955, Butleigh
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We lived in Sparkford, but 4 of us were born at this hospital (the last one was born at home in 1956).  I am not sure how Dad managed to visit Mum as he certainly did not have a car!
We visit Somerset annually but this year we stayed at Barton St David. The small villages with narrow streets were quiet and picturesque, it reminded me of when we lived here in the 1950s. I remember the bread van coming round almost daily, and before milk deliveries my mum used to walk into the village with her sister-in-law to collect mild in a small churn. We only went to Sunday School in good weather because then we could take a short cut of about a mile across the field and railway line to church.


I was born in London, and my family moved to Culberry Cottage in East Pennard when I was about 8yrs or 9yrs old.  That was a short but happy stay in the area amongst the farm lands, animals and walks in the fields picking wild daffodils and bluebells. I loved to help the farmers with the dairy cows and picked the cider apples.  Will never forget the wonderful taste of the fresh milk/cream, but  especially the taste after the cows had eaten some of the cider apples (cider and milk do not mix well!). Culberry Cottage was at that time a 700 year old stone cottage with no electric and a well for water at the bottom of the lane with many frogs living in it which I loved to play with and freaked out my mother.  I am now in my mid-sixties and have over the past several months been dreaming of the cottage, I searched on the internet and found the people who are now living in the... Read more

Wookey School

I went to teach in Wookey School in September 1957. My name was Ann Lawrence, "Miss Lawrence!". I came to Wookey after teaching at Dagenham Docks, and Wookey was heaven! The headmaster was Mr. Watts, a lovely man. He lived in the school house,and he and Mrs. Watts attended Wells Methodist Church. My first 3 weeks were spent in the farm next to the school and I then got "The most wonderful digs" in Portway, Wells, with Mrs.Wagland. I cycled to school with Mrs.Flower in hail rain and shine she took the infant class. The school was just one big happy family. We went to Wookey church at Christmas and harvest time. There were flag stone floors and a huge stove in the classroom on which I dried my wet clothes! I arrived one spring morning, nobody was in the school - I soon found all the children at the back fence, with Mr Watts, watching the lambing! The school dinners came from Wells about 10 a.m., we were the first... Read more

''The Grapevine'' And Others!

The Village c1955, Meare
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My uncle, the late William John Wilcox, was the proprietor of the 'Grapevine' from the mid 1930s through to the early 1960s. I remember it as a truly old fashioned 'pub' complete with a 'games room' with darts, shove ha'penny board and bar skittles. A game with the skittles placed on dots on the board, a wooden ball was suspended by a cord on a vertical pole. The player had to swing the ball in an arc to knock the skittles over. Painted on the Transom over the front door was the 'Legend' W. J. Wilcox, for the most part easy letters to paint, even from the inside, as they were, the J however was reversed - must have been a good brew! My eldest sister was sent to my uncle's to help recuperation from an appendix operation. She met the man who was to become her husband there. He was living with his widowed mother in one of a pair of cottages named 'Porter's Hatch' directly opposite the old Fish House.... Read more

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