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Cramond Tower 1961, Edinburgh

Cramond Tower 1961, Edinburgh

Cramond Tower 1961, Edinburgh Ref: E24094

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This is Were I Grew up

Craigentinny House 1956, Edinburgh
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This is were I grew up in Craigentinny in Edinburgh. I went to Christmas parties here when I was really young, I also went to big picnics from here because my Mum went to the guild here or went to play dominos and they held dances and& concerts. I will never forget one picnic we went to. I was 5 years old and I got some money for running a race. I put it in my mouth at the same time as I was eating a bun and I swallowed it. I was takin to see a nurse who gave me a hug. I thought "This is daft, I just want my money back". I ended up in hospital to have an operation to remove it from my stomach. So I will always remember Craigentinny House, or The Castle as we called it.

Nursery School

Craigentinny House 1956, Edinburgh
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I went to nursery school in the castle. We lived only 50 yards up the road in Loaning Road in the Munrospun factory. Number 3 Loaning Road belonged to Munrospun and my dad was the electrician and the house came with the job. There was a bomb shelter in the back garden that we played in daily. I walked to Craigentinny Primary with my brothers David and Brian. Went to the scouts in the church hall across from the church too. What a magnificent childhood....I always knew even then as a youngster, how special Craigentinny and Restalrig were. My granny and grandad (Suzie and Val Smith) lived at 12 Sleigh Drive and we were always close to each other and the amenities. Australia is pretty special, but childhood memories are certainly precious.

Wool Shop on or Near Princes Street

Craigentinny House 1956, Edinburgh
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My great-great-aunt's (sisters called Copland) kept a wool shop in Edinburgh in the 1800s. I have tried to find out about them but without much success. I would be delighted to hear from anyone with any knowledge of them or the shop. Many thanks. Jennifer Cook (Copland)


Craigmillar Castle 1950, Edinburgh
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This is where my husand John Tuff grew up. I'm going to buy this picture for John as John now has Alzheimer's disease and when he sees this picture it will bring back some of his memory as a boy. John played as a boy by this castle and he told me about when a German plane crashed by the castle and how John and his pals got chased by the police and home guard.

Fleshmarket Close

High Street 1953, Edinburgh
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When I was 8 or 9 years old our family moved from Clyde Street, Edinburgh to the High Street or, as we called our immediate area, 'The Tron', in view of living in the shadow of the old Tron Kirk. Our address was 'Fleshmarket Close' of Ian Rankin fame ref the book of that title. The number of the Tennement was 199 High Street. The area now of course bears hardly any recognition to what it was like when I was a youngster of 11 years in 1953. Thinking back it seemed almost Dickensian then. Mind you, we like most of our neighbours and friends had very little, times were hard but, it was the common denominator and, as a result neighbours were the salt of the earth. I have only the fondest of memories of my childhood 'street urchin' days and, lived there until jioning the Army in 1976 at age 24. Probably a square mile with The Tron as the hub would be my playground then. There were happy,... Read more

Childhood Memory

Castle 1953, Edinburgh
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This view was from our flat at 25 Grassmarket. A memory that lives with me and tugs at my heart whenever I see it. I lived there from 1949 to 1953. Although the area was poor I treasure the time there.

School Days

Cannon Ball House 1953, Edinburgh
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The three windows in Canonball House was my classroom at Castle Hill School.


Princes Street 1897, Edinburgh
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My great-great-grandmother and grandfather lived in Princess Street. He was a dentist, his name was Alexander Spalding Watson and his wife was Sarah Watson, they later moved to London to St Martin's in the Field, by Trafalgar Square. These photo are great as we can see how and where they lived.

Great-Great-Grandfather Lived Here

The Canongate Tolbooth 1897, Edinburgh
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My great-great-grandfather lived here at Shoemakers Close, and my great-grandfather David Hay with his mother, Helen Millie.  My great-grandfather was a shoemaker, as was his son John Millie. My great-grandfather died June 19th 1863, he was ageed 70 years, a good age at that time. My husband, who was born in 1932, was born just across the road from the Canongate Tolbooth. How the years have flown.

My Father Was A Drummer Boy

The Castle From Johnston Terrace 1897, Edinburgh
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My father was a Drummer Boy in Edinburgh Castle when he was 14 in 1915. He threw the sergeant's false teeth out of the window by mistake, he thought it was just a cup of water. But next day when the sergeant picked up the cup and said where's my ---------- teeth , he knew. He did not own up. A mystery never solved.

My Playground (White Horse Close)

At the age of 11 we moved here & a group of us could always be found (gambling our pocket money at cards) on the steps in the photo. It always amazed us the number of tourists who would enter the close asking if they could take our picture, we must have looked like street urchins!, we often got money from them to show them round.
I had a Milk Round before school, & met the Roundsman on Castle Terrace at approx 6.30, it was Edinburgh & Dumfrieshire Milk Cart, drawn by a horse (Benny), I delivered the milk from Castle Terrace to approx St Marys Street by 8.15 and left him at that point to go to school. (Incidentall the Castle only took 1pint!). I then went down Bulls Close, up Holyrood Rd & along Dumbiedykes Road to go to James Clarks School, going up that hill in winter was murder. In the winter there was no end of cars & Lorries that had slid down Arthur Street and... Read more

St James Church, Leith,  Edinburgh EH6

I now live in Houston, Texas, USA. My birth certificate has a written record of my being baptized in St James Church in Leith, but I cannot find any record of the church, which was near Gt Junction Street, Leith. Thanks. Morty Grant, born in Lapicide Place, Leith.

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