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Effingham memories

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St.Teresa's Convent

(ex Auton). So many memories of my years at the Convent. I learnt to ride here, firstly at the old stables and then a new one was built at the end of the long drive-way behind, run by Miss Turnbull. Played tennis everyday, we would rush out after tea to be the first on the practice wall. Great fun dormitories Mathew (run by Sister Carmel), Mark, Luke & John. If you talked after lights-out you were made to stand for an hour in the Crotch (the shoe cleaning room). Our hair was washed by the nuns, was very painful as they wore rubber gloves ! Sister Clare took over from Mother Joanna as Head while I was there. Obligatory swimming everyday in the Summer, was in an unheated outdoor pool in a lovely rockery garden. Seems a shame to see from the present photos, that the beautiful expansive lawns have now all been covered with buildings and parking, that's where we... Read more

School Days

I loved my schooling there from 1950 to 55. We had horses (oh, those nighttime rides), outdoor swimming pool (freezing at midnight!), Guy Fawkes night in the Elephant Pit, long walks to Polesden Lacey, hockey games against the nuns (they were tough!), wonderful teachers, pretty awful food except for one year when the cooking was taken over by Mother Hildegarde. The day we drenched Sister Aloysius thinking we were putting out a fire... Studying for Finals in the haystacks. And the wonderful Dec 8th Fancy Dress competition. I have a few photos but am not sure how to post them.

St Teresas Convent

I was sent to St Teresas in the 60's as my aunt (Joan Turner nee Kleboe) had been amongst the very first students before the war. A beautiful building surrounded by large lawns & gardens, approached from either Effingham village or Dorking. We wore heavy green Harris tweed uniforms with po hats in the winter & green striped dresses & boaters in the summer. The headmistress was a Mother Joanna, the nuns were all rather sweet, especially mother Clare, she had a sister who was also a nun called Catherine. Looking back they were happy days. We played hockey, swam in the large pool and played tennis & netball. The academic standard wasn't especially high but it was a very happy environment. We were groomed to be "young ladies" some of the lessons learnt have held me in good stead! I still keep in contact with old friends, especially Gill who now lives in the USA.

Memories of Surrey

My Early Years

The Towers 1932, East Horsley
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I was born in Sheepwash cottage in 1926 the year Tommy Sopwith left the Towers and it was turned into a girls colledge by Miss Maule and Miss Isaceson . My father had worked for Tommy Sopwith for many years at the Towers and he stayed on as estate foreman. We moved into the cottage horsley towers as most of the old estate was sold to the developers. The old back enterance became the front enterance, everything had to go through the tunnel under the gardens.
We moved away when the school closed down, that was in 1935 I think.


St Martin's Church c1955, East Horsley
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I was married at St Martin's Church on September 6th 1958, to Alan Haddrill. My maiden name was Crump and I lived in Surrey Gardens, Effingham Junction. The vicar was away so a replacement came from, I think, Clandon. He was late, and I arrived before he did! My father and I went in through a door at the front, under the tower, and my new husband and I emerged through the porch. There had been a huge thunderstorm the night before, but the day was warm and sunny. We had our reception at the Horsley Hotel, opposite the station.

Great And Little Bookham in The Late 1950s

In the late 1950s and early 1960s I lived in both the Bookhams. Firstly in the house attached to Bookham Railway Station and later in a flat at Maddox Park House. I worked at CERL in Leatherhead, cycling over the common and through Fetcham to get there. Steam trains still delivered trucks of coal to Wheal's coal yard. Whilst at the station house we had a black and white collie that I walked for hours on the commons. I had a large saloon Alvis motor car and friends locally had similar old motors. An Austin seven chummy, a Talbot, a Triumph, and 3 wheeled Morgan among others come to mind. I still own the Alvis 50 years on.

Kennel Lane And All

My family moved into Kennel Lane in the early fifties. My elder brother Alan and I, had plenty of fun and many friends. Only one side of Kennel Lane was developed until about '55 when they built the new houses. Mrs Alt who had the big house in the Quarry at the Lower Road end, she was a good friend and had been a court dressmaker and had lots of stories to tell. Bob Kine also had an old house in Kennel Lane and developed his land. From this he became developer and became very succesful on the South Coast. Between Kennel Lane and Fetcham there were bomb craters in the fields and we used to play in them - the Parkins, Fairbrother, Pannel. Pauline Dovy kept horses and I learned to ride there before moving on to Vale Lodge Stables. Made many friends and have very good memories.

Dawnay Road

Dawnay Road c1955, Great Bookham
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I was born in Dowlans Road, opposite to Dawnay Road. The grocers which is referred to was where my mum used to shop. Next to the grocers my best friend Nigel lived, as did Dave Hill before him. The waste ground to the left in the photo was a bit of a dumping ground. We, Dave and me, found some old paint tins one day and we took them into the rec and painted the swings, white. You can imagine our mums and dads when they found out. We were only about 6 years old at the time.

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