Memories of Eltham


Lived in Gavestone Crescent prefab, school Horn Park, when prefab knocked down in 1968 moved to Strongbow Crescent in the top block of flats, enjoyed Eltham, its pubs, and close location to rail and buses. Left home in 1974, moving to ...Read full memory

A memory of Eltham by Larry Garrett

Ann Diamond My Mum

My mum is from Eltham, Ann Diamond, born 1935. Her dad, Frank Diamond was one of 11 and his mum, my great nan, lived till she was nearly 100, in the same house I believe. I was the 89th grand-child, so no doubt there are a ...Read full memory

A memory of Eltham by Debbie Richards

On My Wall

I have this framed print displayed on my landing wall. When I pass by and stop to look at it, I remember the swimming bath just below the church where I used to go dancing in the 1950s.

A memory of Eltham by Mary Donnachie


Hinds on the right, my mother used to shop there for material. Next door was Hinds Jewelllery shop where my wedding ring was purchased for the princely sum of 9 guineas. Opposite was the Coop department store where you walked down steps to wander around open counters.

A memory of Eltham by Mary Donnachie


There used to be a tram running down this roadd. One of my family owned a shop and flat above on the right.

A memory of Eltham by Mary Donnachie

Childhood Haunt

15 mins walk from my home. Used to play tennis on the courts below this building. Public toilets nearby, as was a circular seating gazebo like benches where my friends and I would gather to talk, laugh and often scratch our names ...Read full memory

A memory of Eltham by Mary Donnachie

My 18th Birthday.

This photo was taken at the time I was at Shooter's Hill GS and my stepfather was stationed here as it was the HQ for the RAEC (Royal Army Education Corps). As officer's family we occasionally visited the Palace, which had then ...Read full memory

A memory of Eltham by Dylan Rivis


That must be a No 132 bus pulling away from the bustop. Used that frequently. Corner shop used to be an Express Dairy where you could have a cup of tea.

A memory of Eltham by Mary Donnachie

Growing Up In Eltham

I lived at 6 Eltham High Street, my dad ran the off licence there.  Every morning before school or the shop opened he would take me to the swimming baths. I went to Roper Street school until I was 10.  We moved to ...Read full memory

A memory of Eltham by Julie Bateson


My nan lived at 11 Basket Gardens, which was near the pleasaunce, and she would take us there when we visited her. It was a wonderful place, my favourite being the stepping stones which led through a small stream, My school, the ...Read full memory

A memory of Eltham by Jill Parish

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