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Memories of Eltham

Growing Up In Eltham

I lived at 6 Eltham High Street, my dad ran the off licence there.  Every morning before school or the shop opened he would take me to the swimming baths. I went to Roper Street school until I was 10.  We moved to Canada in 1973, I still think about Eltham quite often.  I loved it there.

A memory of Eltham by Julie Bateson

Elaine Lynn Hairdresser

I was an apprentice at Madame Herberts Hairdressers in 1958 to 1961, the salon was next to Hinds. Does anyone remember the salon? Mrs Hawkins of Hummerstone and Hawkins, Estae agents, was Madames daughter. We had to address each other by our surnames with the Miss or Mrs prefix. I went to Mottingham girls school prior ...Read full memory

A memory of Eltham by Elaine Coomber

Dad Growing Up

my dad Henry Peter bull and his 2sisters grew up in eltham green road .i have heard many stories includung the doodlebugs landing has dementia now and i am looking for photos of eltham which bought me here !i remember many visits to my grandparents home until i was 7 .

A memory of Eltham

Middle Park School 1940s

I used to attend Middle Park School way back in 1943. I recall we used to have to write the date in the top right-hand corner of our exercise books and I distinctly remember the year. The war was still on. I'd probably returned from Northhamptonshire, where I'd been evauatived from London for the second time. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Eltham by Tom Ware

I Grew Up In Eltham

My family moved to Eltham about 1954/5 and I lived there until about 1966. I attended Middle Park Primary School and later the Gordon School. We lived next door to Working Mens Club on Eltham Hill just down from the Swimming Baths. Have lots of memories of my childhood there. I did a paper round before school and ...Read full memory

A memory of Eltham by Eve (June) Knox

The Animals At Burtons/Eltham Baths?

I have been hunting around trying to find details of The Animals band's concert at Eltham in the mid 1960s. My family moved to Lee Green in the mid 60s, I moved to Kidbrooke School for my final two school years, and my sister and I used to go dancing at Eltham. I've never forgotten the day a school friend ...Read full memory

A memory of Eltham

The Palace

As a child we lived in the Vista and our back garden ran alongside the cow fields, my friends and I would go across the farm to get into the palace grounds. There was a swimming pool that had dirty water in that was perfect for collecting frogs spawn and the bluebells were amazing! Sadly I decided to show my mum and dad this ...Read full memory

A memory of Eltham by Jill Parish

Happy Hr

Used to be know as Well Hall. 132 bus stopped outside. Spent many happy hours there.

A memory of Eltham by Mary Donnachie


Hinds on the right, my mother used to shop there for material. Next door was Hinds Jewelllery shop where my wedding ring was purchased for the princely sum of 9 guineas. Opposite was the Coop department store where you walked down steps to wander around open counters.

A memory of Eltham by Mary Donnachie

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