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Erskine Hospital

Erskine Hospital maps

Historic maps of Erskine Hospital and the local area, hand-drawn by Ordnance Survey and Samuel Lewis.   View all Erskine Hospital maps

Erskine Hospital photos

We have no photos of Erskine Hospital, although we do have photos of these nearby places:

Clydebank| Dumbarton| Barochan Cross| Paisley| Elderslie| Kilbarchan

Erskine Hospital area books

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Erskine Hospital books
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Memories of Erskine Hospital

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Renfrewshire memories

Where I Used to Live

I used to live in Fettercaine Avenue and then moved to Jedworth Avenue, I there until 1985 and then moved to Cheltenham with my parents. I would like to know if anyone who lived in Jedwroth Avenue remembers me, I lived at number 9, and I also lived at 7 and 8 Fettercaine Avenue in Drumchapel.

Where I Used to Live

The last date was wrong. I lived in Fettercaine Avenue, 7 and 8, and then I moved to Jedworth Avenue, where I lived in number 9. I would like to know if anyone remembers me. I kne a few people who used to live there.

I Used to Live There And go to School

I used to live in Fettercairn and went to Drumrye Primary School, and then moved to Linkwood Drive with my aunt and uncle, and then went to live with my mum in Jedworth Avenue. I then moved to Cheltenham in 1985 with my mum and step dad.

II Would Like to Know if Any One Knew A Sean Flynn Who Lived in Talant Road

I would like to know if any one remembers a Sean Flynn who used to live in Talant Road as I used to go around with him and his mates with my mates. I was very upset when he passed away, it must now be about 23 years ago. I still think of him to this day, he was a very good friend of mine and I he will always be in my thoughts. I still cannot beleive that he is not with us today. I went to his funeral and it was so sad, so I hope that if anyone sees this they will remember him, as he was a nice guy.

Erskine Estate

Born in Glasgow, but soon moved to Erskine estate whilst still very young, 5 or 6. I remember walking to school through the woods and country lanes to Bishopton. It was mostly country fields. Living with another family who had two daughters. Running through the corn fields and most of the kids then meeting by the massive tree at the top of main hill road...playing army games and my HQ was the old pig sty, haha. Yes forgot Morton Hall Pictures and walking home in the dark,the cartoons of crazy Mr Magoo, the charactor who was always losing his glasses and was blind without them...He was so funny, shame they never show them these days so the next generation of children could have a good laugh.

Looking For

Does anybody know of a family called Dewar who lived in Drumchapel. The person I am looking for is my half brother, his name is Neil Joseph Cooke. His mother was called Josie Dewar, she married my father in 1972 in Kingston upon Thames. She worked at the time in the Druidshead, Kingston upon Thames. I remember she also had a brother called Gorden. Thanks

Old Pictures

Got a pile of colour and B and W pics from late 60`s all of Drumcahel aroudf Pitmilly Road and Airegold place but am looking for info on an event which I think took place on the playing fields across from the Goodyear tyre factory. It was as a huge gathering of Bishops etc..anyone got any ideas of dates? Any help much appreciated ,Cheers.

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