Eskdale, Outward Bound Mountain School c.1960

Eskdale, Outward Bound Mountain School c.1960

Neg. E194015

Memories of Eskdale

The Dreaded Whimsey

1963 ish....My early morning dip - each morning we donned shorts and pumps to run around the Tarn where we jumped down a large hole, then our sadistic instructors released a gush of freezing stream water, soaking every ...Read full memory

A memory of Eskdale by Dennis Johnson

Thoughts Of Eskdale School

I returned to Eskdale this weekend after 60 years. Yes I was there in the very early years and the experience is still fresh (in some things today ) today. It was not a planned visit but, the welcome I got made me feel ...Read full memory

A memory of Eskdale by 330176

Character Training Course

I was at the OBMS in May of 1953. I particularly remember this time as it was when Hillary climbed Everest with Ten-zing. We had been sent on a three day expedition and on the second day I developed an infection in my ...Read full memory

A memory of Eskdale by Brian Yarnold

My Grandmother Housekeeper (Late 60s)

I remember making the journey back and forth from our home in northumberland to visit my grandmother who was housekeeper here in I think (late 60s). Florence humble a little lady with a blue rinse! I remember ...Read full memory

A memory of Eskdale by kirsoppj
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