Farningham, The Bridge And Lion Hotel c.1955

Farningham, The Bridge And Lion Hotel c.1955

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Caption for Farningham, The Bridge And Lion Hotel C1955

Farningham is just a short distance from Eynsford, set at another pretty crossing of the Darent between ridges of chalk hills. Known at the time of Domesday as Ferlingeham, it was once a significant market centre, and in later centuries had important paper mills. During the 18th century the Lion Hotel was a stagecoach stop on the way to and from London. Since the 1920s, the village has been bypassed by the A20.

Memories of Farningham

My Home, 2012

Me and my partner, Michael, moved in to number 1 Lion Cottages in March 2012. We love the house and its history, the village is quaint and idyllic, a perfect setting. Michael is 6 foot tall and cannot stand up in all areas of the house, but this adds to the character, a small sacrifice to make.

Our Home

We currently live in this house, or to be correct the two cottages on the left which have been knocked through and made one, and luckily now with Central heating is quite warm and cosy. Like Mike and Rachael next door whom have also posted on this site, we also moved in in 2012, we love it, the views, surroundings, great neighbours, ...Read full memory

This Was My Grandmas House As A Child

This house was where my grandma grew up, and her father before her. Her father was a gardener and her mother was a seamstress, she grew up to be a nurse. She currently lives in Bromley and is now 72 and has been married for over 50 years. She used to tell us tales of how the cottage regularly flooded ...Read full memory

A memory of Farningham by Gillian Cox

My Grandma And Grandpa

I remember every Sunday while I was growing up, we (my family) would go to visit my grandparents. One of my favourite dinners they would cook for us was leg of lamb, yorkshire pudding, and all the trimmings to go with it. I always looked forward to seeing my grandparents. The garden they had was in teers and the ...Read full memory

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