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Fleet Hargate memories

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Memories of Lincolnshire

Cookery Days

As Christmas 2012 approaches, once more I have baked my family Christmas cake using the same recipe, from the same book, all those memorable years ago. Attending Holbeach Bank School at that time, just pre George Farmer, we girls would bus into Holbeach each week to be taught how to cook a variety of food. I trust my attempt at poetry will explain.... COOKERY DAYS 1957 I was taught to cook at school, the lessons took all day. We travelled on a bus together, several miles away. And there with well packed baskets containing all required ingredients, we schoolgirls learned our culinary techniques via a lady of great experience. We baked biscuits, chocolate sponge or maybe fairy cakes. It just depended whatever, our patient cookery teacher dictates. The room in which we used was an old Community Hall with dingy antique ovens but we didn't mind at all. Working on trestle tables that had to be well scrubbed, hygiene was most important to do a proper job. During our return journey at the end of... Read more

Father's Connection With The Park

Carters Park c1960, Holbeach
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My father worked in the field that became Carters Park when Mr Carter gave it to the town.  He was Cyril King and he was aged 13 at the time, having left school to work on the land.  It is very moving as he died in 2003 and his ashes are now in the cemetery directly opposite the park.  He eventually went on to farm down Crown Colony/Sluice Road Holbeach Marsh until his retirement.


High Street c1960, Holbeach
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I went to school and we had to go down High Street every day and we had to go for lunch every day, I miss my home town. My name is June Mackman Warner.

General Store And Cafe

High Street c1955, Holbeach
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My mam and dad, Linda and Harry Leggett ran the general store and cafe next to the bus stop for a few years from 1960. I had the music shop in Chapel Street, Holbeach Music Supplies from 1959 until 1967ish. Loved it. If there was a magic wand I would turn the clock back. I live in Cornwall now but I come back to visit regularly. Jan

Talbot Hotel

I was born in Holbeach in 1958 and lived in the Talbot Hotel, High Street until 1967 when we moved to Moulton. My parents were Frank and Beryl Richmond. I have very fond memories of my childhood in Holbeach. We regularly went to the Milroy for Sunday lunch, best food ever! I was a regular visitor to Pledgers toy shop on a Saturday to spend my pocket money which was opposite our hotel. Franklins grocers was managed by my uncle Walter Jones and there was always a wonderful smell of freshly ground coffee as you walked in, and big legs of ham hanging behind the counter. There is a lot to be said for the good old days when food was just the best. Although I haved lived in Nottingham since I was a teenager I still get sausages from Swepstones whenever I can. My children love them! Unfortunately the Talbot was pulled down many years ago and I have very few photos. If anyone has any photos of the... Read more

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