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Freshwater memories

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Hook Hill

In 1960, when I was 6, we moved into Longhalves, a detached house on the left of Hook Hill going up, and just on the brow of the hill. The road then was narrow and dangerous, and in about 1964 they took 3 - 4 yards off our front garden to widen the road and make a footpath. Opposite the main gate to Longhalves was Asher's field. Mr Asher kept cows on there, and we used to walk through the field across the marsh and the old railway line (closed even then), and onto Afton Road. The railway station was derelict when we moved in, but within a few years became a spring factory. Next to Longhalves on the uphill side set back, the builder, George Weeks, built a bungalow to live in. Our garden went back quite a way right up to a row of firs boardering Weeks' yard. My father dug that garden out over the years and uncovered yards of flag paths, with some square rose gardens... Read more

Memories of Isle of Wight

Grandparents Met Here!

Totland Chalet Hotel c1955, Totland Bay
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They worked and met at the hotel, gran was a housekeeper, grandad was head waiter, must have been around 1915? Auther Money and Eideth Money

Totland Tea Gardens

My late father and mother-in-law used to love their holidays on the Isle of Wight and particularly enjoyed their times at what they called Totland Tea Gardens.
Would anyone have any recollection of this place? I would be especially interested in photos and/or the location as we are staying in Totland for a week in June and would love to know where this place was (is?). Thank you.

Suncliff Holiday Camp

Myself and two friends visited Totland Bay in 1969 and stayed at the Suncliff Holiday Camp. It was very basic there and I remember the owner cooked us our meals. I remember watching the moon landing on an old tv that they had in a rather run down "clubhouse". I remember there were some goats grazing as you entered the camp. Down by the sea I remember a large derelict structure that I presume was built during the war. We used to walk along the seawall to Fort Warden Holiday Camp where we used to spend our evenings in the ballroom and chat up the girls who were staying there. Will be interested to hear if any one can remember these places.

Starks Hotel

Stark's Hotel c1883, Freshwater Bay
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In July 1971, we went to the IOW for the very first time, and were completely captivated by the place! We stayed in a self catering flat above Starks Hotel, which, unlike the old photo on here, was covered in ivy, and looked beautiful. It was run by a Mrs. Shirra, a really nice woman, who didn`t interfere with us at all during our week there, despite us having four young children, which makes a lot of folk nervous! The hotel was also across the road from a lovely thatched church. We haven`t been to the island for a good few years now, regrettably, but I`ve been looking for Starks Hotel, and can`t find any reference to it now, is it still there?

Brambles Holiday Camp

When I was about ten (1967), we went on holiday from London to the Isle of Wight with my mum and dad and brother. We stayed at Brambles Holiday Camp, which I think was in Freshwater Bay? It was one of those old fashioned British places like on 'Hi di Hi', where they woke you in the morning with loudspeaker announcements, and told you of the itinerary for the day. It seemed like everybody got involved with endless events all day long, including obstacle races, nature trails, whist tours, horse riding, and rollerskating, amongst many others. I remember the weather was beautiful and sunny, and the location was wild and pretty. In the evenings, they would have a show in the clubhouse for the adults, and there was a patrol of the chalets by staff to listen out for the children crying. I have a photo of me, with my mum and dad, at a table in the clubhouse one night. I'm wearing a stick-on moustache and striped boating hat... Read more

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